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Landscape 1-3
The Spell
Witches Dance



available as...
Ultimate Transmissions UTCD 003 8.00
DL Ultimate Transmissions UTCD 003 DL

1. Landscapes 1-3 7'10"
The Passage Temple 8'50"
Island Of The Dead 5'03"
Under The Earth 3'06"
Witches Dance 2'20"
Landscapes 4-6 6'01"
The Spell 3'06"
Shafts 1-4 8'15"
Dune 3'08"
Biomechanical Landscape 3'57"
The Magus 3'17"
Voyage To The Dark Side 7'03"

Composed, produced & engineered by Biomechanoid.
Recorded at Tachyon Studio (June 1985-March 1986).
Bonus "Voyage To The Dark Side" is a rare track taken from the cassette set "Journey To The End Of Night" (Auricle AMC 014) sampler.

Biomechanoid (Alan & Steve Freeman): synths, keys, guitars, loops, samples, electroacoustic collage.


Originally an Alto Stratus idea, the Biomechanoid project became something different. A concept based on the paintings of H.R. Giger, it resulted in vast tapestries of sound, meshed with electronics and soundscaping, a special island unto itself. From the early rehearsals through to mix-down it took over a year to complete. A great deal of preparation and invention went in to montaging sounds, fusing analogue and digital textures, with mechanical and organic properties, into a music of melody, dissonance, rhythm and form. Truly biomechanical music! The results are often unnerving, with an underlying elusive beauty. As one of Auricle Cassettes best sellers it was a prime choice for CD reissue. Digitally transferred by Colin Potter, and cleaned-up really nicely, with a bonus track, this now comes across as so surreal, cosmic and strange!

At around the time we decided to reissue this on CD, new work had been started on other projects, including Endgame (an improvising cosmic avant-garde trio), the conceptual Newt Hounds, alongside other experimentation at our new Tachyon studio. Some of these works, which were planned as a new Biomechanoid album titled "Visions Of The Necronomicon" instead became the guts of a new Alto Stratus called "Catharsis". The only actual new Biomechanoid piece that came out of those sessions is featured on the various artists release "Dronsz". See press release


original cassette review...

...the perfect sonic reflection of the artwork of H. R. Giger. In fact the music here was inspired by Giger's work and the surreal electronics/guitars twist and turn into an intense and enchanting tapestry of light and dark musical sound.

[by Archie Patterson in Eurock]


CD reissue review...

The "Atmospheres' album is easily the most accessible of the three to someone who hasn't been around the musical block for that long, but even here the music is once more firmly on the dark side, as you might expect bearing in mind the concept behind it. Here, across twelve tracks, you get a much greater range of dynamics, textures, sounds and layers presented in more digestible chunks, although the combination of synths, tape effects, devices, keyboards, electric guitar and more, often made me think of the music of Brain-era Cluster, only not as obvious and more cosmic on the whole, but a music with whose heart and soul this album shares, and possibly just as innovative, certainly capable of sounding as good in thirty years time as the 'Cluster 2' album does today. With plenty of spooky ice flow passages of electronics allied to some, it has to be said, quite beautiful yet eerily stark soundscapes, particularly the mix of tonal colours on track two that had me going through Frippertronics and Tangerine Dream only much more of an edge and heavier. Yes, there are also rhythms in this music, as well as melodies, or what they regard as melodies anyway, and that's pretty good. Overall, for electronic music fans who want something with an undoubted seventies influence, plenty happening, magical assortments of layers and textures, never boring, and really unlike most of what came out of that era, then this is one gem of an album.
[by Andy G, in C&D Services catalogue]

Originally a cassette (various editions) - released ?/4/1986.
First CD edition - 500 copies - released 19/4/2000.
Bandcamp download - released 13/8//2014.

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