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Lazy Dreamboat



Auricle AMC 045 87'29" only a few copies left!

1. The Link (Part 2) 4'30"
2. Moontrance 10'38"
3. Cannon Fire 9'20"
4. Drawn To The Light 16'15"

1. Funky Moth 6'50"
2. Lazy Dreamboat 14'40"
3. Human Blindness 12'30"
4. Waters 8'20"
5. Farmer Giles 1'15"

Composed by Courtyard Moth.
Recorded at various venues: Royal Mail, Livewire, The Charlotte, in Leicester
(July 1992-November 1993).
Except B4 recorded at "The Courtyard", Victoria Park, Leicester (Autumn 1992).

Adam Banaszkiewicz: bass, guitar.
Robert Banaszkiewicz: guitar, bass.
Carl Fernandes: drums, percussion.
Mark Ragg: vocals.

Leicester's Courtyard Moth were amongst the finest rock bands around in the mid-1990's. But sadly, they burnt out just as they were blossoming. Most of the numbers on this tape started life as 3 minute songs that grew and grew. This specially chosen selection of concert recordings, shows the "moths" at their most adventurous, with lengthy excursions in which they improvise extensively! An "official bootleg" that transports you back to the early 70's with a heavy/bluesy/spacey psych-progressive. With an excellent bluesy vocalist and dual guitars, you'll find hints of Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Garybaldi, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Pink Floyd, SBB, etc. all in the uniquely Courtyard Moth sound. A rare piece of history preserved by Auricle Music!

First edition of 50 numbered copies - released ?/1/1994.
Second edition of a planned 50 numbered copies - released ?/?/199?.

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