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A Strange Time For Angels

Place Your Bets

Evaporating Demons...

Six Pathways...




available as...
Ultimate Transmissions UTCD 004/5 £13.00
bandcamp download

duration: 141'07"

disc 1...
A Strange Time For Angels  30'40"
2. Place Your Bets  43'13"

disc 2...
Evaporating Demons From The Mind's Eye  20'10"
2. Six Pathways Through The Dark
    Path 1: Alone In The City  4'52"
Path 2: By The Spooky Cemetery  7'22"
Path 3: At The Rim Of Fire  10'34"
Path 4: On The Way To Lhasa  5'17"
Path 5: Through The Wasteland  10'48"
Path 6: To The Edge Of The World  7'40"

Recorded by Jim Tetlow at Tachyon Studio 18+25/8/99, mixed 7/5/00.

Alan Freeman: synths, tape loops, gadgets, voice.
Steve Freeman: synths, guitar, voice, bongos, can.
Jim Tetlow: synths, guitar, voice, tapes, loops, toys.

This CD defined the Endgame sound and the idea of double CDs, one more relaxed/cosmic, and the other more dark/sinister. A yin and yang, a balance of sorts, from the beauty of "A Strange Time For Angels" to the menacing "Six Pathways..."
In keeping with its title "Catalyst" is the ideal starting point for newcomers to Endgame, and the start of a wonderful trip into the unknown!


The Freeman brothers, (authors of CRACK IN THE COSMIC EGG, and editors of AUDION Magazine), have also made music for many years. Their newest release, which also features a third member Jim Tetlow, is the answer for all those who long for the days of yore when TD was still tuned into the cosmos. Their “music” is derived from the improvisational mode of early TD and ZEIT, along with the more modern vibe of Lightwave, a splash of Kluster and hints of Holger Czukay’s experimentalism. The albums four extended tracks, on 2 CDs, combine for a total running time of 140:40, and the sonic constructs explored will have your mind reeling as the journey through the musical cosmos progresses. ENDGAME is a very impressive album, experimental in concept, yet listenable, with a great avant art presentation.
[by Archie Patterson in Eurock]

from a multi-release review...
Meanwhile the "Catalyst" double, consisting of just four ultra-long tracks, again all improvised, is what I would call 'real' space music. None of yer namby-pamby drifting or smooth flowing layers so beloved of the American fraternity these days, and also none of yer richly textured sound sculpting 'a la Klaus Schulze' that some of the Europeans seem so keen on doing. No, this is a breathtaking mix of synth, space and ambience that really has no comparison with anything from those genres and yet has an appeal just as wide. The thing you notice is that the music inhabits once again, the darker reaches of space, but here unlike the explorations on the...
[by Andy G, in C&D Services catalogue]

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2xCD: 500 copies - released 2/8/2000.
Bandcamp download - released 19/9/2014.

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