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Intruder Discovered



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Auricle AMCDR 043 7.00
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duration: 78'32"

1. The Bizarre Misadventures Of Ernest B. Grimm
Stowaway On The Centauri Mission 6'27"
Intruder Discovered / Phenomena / Shipwreck 13'07"
Tentacular Tripod Creatures 3'06"
Processing And Experiments In The Laboratory 9'37"
Discoveries With The Brain Scanner 5'38"
The Transmutation Machine 2'48"
A Suitable Member Of Society? 5'46"

In Der Weise Von Gruppen
2. Erste Satz: Kraft 16'13"
Zweite Satz: Geist 6'31"
Dritte Satz: Sturm 9'14"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio (13 December 2000). Original mix by Jim Tetlow,
with mastering by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio (12 January 2004).

Steve Freeman: synths, guitar, voice, loops, samples, etc.
Alan Freeman: synths, guitar, voice, loops, cymbal, etc.
Jim Tetlow: Sound Canvas, voice, loops, toys.

The Bizarre Misadventures Of Ernest B. Grimm

This is our own mythos, the tale of a stowaway who dared to venture beyond, to discover for himself that which he was said to be dangerous and not for the mere casual traveller. Ernest B. Grimm closeted himself away on a ship, part of the secret mission to Centauri. He had heard tales of the wonders to behold, of the strange creatures he would meet, he was in awe at such an adventure and was not prepared to wait. Intrepid as he was, Ernest was not clever enough in his chosen hiding place, the ship detected him and sought him out. With all the systems set on trying to catch him, the ship never noticed the phenomenon ahead. No chance to alert the sleeping crew, no chance to escape the strange glowing mass heading straight at them. Inevitably, the ship crashed killing all but Ernest. Dazed, as he raised his head out of the slimy bubbling mud, amidst a hissing and electronic gabble, it became apparent that he was surrounded by weird tripod-like tentacular creatures, who were laughing at him... This was only the start of Ernest's adventure, the first half or so of this accidental musical depiction. We leave the rest of the story to your own imagination!

In Der Weise Von Gruppen

A 21st Century electronic classical suite in 3 movements, with strong Teutonic roots. The sonic fragmentation, use of electronic pulses, clusters and collage certainly feel like a hybrid of early electronic Stockhausen given the treatment of vivid Klaus Schulze "Irrlicht" and "Cyborg" with the feel of Nurse With Wound. All this is totally coincidental, however, as when we created this our notions of what was to come were unknown. We started with a blank page, spurred on by the accidental discovery of unique synthesizer modulation, against which other key elements fitted in and counterpointed.

CD-R - released 2/2004.
Bandcamp download - released 18/9/2014.

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