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CD-R Auricle AMCDR 162
available as...
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duration: 67'14"

1. Concrete A 0'48"
2. Tools And Weapons, Part 2 3'40"
3. Concrete B 0'33"
4. Double Your Task, We Get Out 11'24"
5. Concrete C 0'34"
6. Tools And Weapons, Part 1 5'19"
7. Concrete D 2'26"
8. Slipped Disc 9'44"
9. Hard Not To Do 8'42"
10. Abrupt Stasis 1'48"
11. Heavy Invincible Sandwich 21'50"

Recorded direct to digital at Tachyon Studio 12/11/06.
Mix and compilation 13/11/2006.

Alan: synths, guitar, loops, laptop samples, voice, etc.
Steve: loops, bass, synth, cymbal, radio, turntable, etc.
Jim: laptop samples and effects.

A pretty bizarre one, even by Endgame standards, with a hell of a lot of sound manipulation and live musique-concrete, hence the apt title Under Construction! Yes, it's weird, with twists and turns galore, sizzling noises, perplexing sound fabrics, and much more. And thus not easy to describe. Usual Endgame then, and not at all! There's a melodic context to much of it, but no real tunes, it's more about dynamics, counterpoint, development - drawing the listener in, surprising, and throwing in the occasional whammy that knocks the listener sideways (in the best possible way of course!). Throughout the albums 11 tracks, a thematic continuity gels it all together. You want comparisons? Well, none really come to mind, maybe a bit of Nurse With Wound circa "Live At Bar Maldoror", bits of Kluster, certainly nods to the INA.GRM masters like Bayle, Zanesi, Parmegiani, Lejeune, et al.

CD-R - released 6/2010.
Bandcamp download - released 19/9/2014.

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