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CD-R Auricle AMCDR 176 deleted
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duration: 75'17"

1. Marshlands 21'25"
2. Volcanic Flats 17'41"
3. Rainforest 15'13"
4. Stratosphere 20'50"

Recorded live to digital at Tachyon Studio, 25 January 2010.
Edit & remix by Alan 18 April 2010.

Alan Freeman: laptop (virtual sampler, Abakos & other synths, processing),
Roland SH-32, guitar, Roland guitar synth, springs, objects, etc.
Steve Freeman: tapes, analogue synths, bass guitar, cymbal, acoustic CD, etc.
Jim Tetlow: laptop with keyboard (virtual sampler, synths, etc.), effects.

The idea at this session was to try some new formulas and ideas for playing live, yet what we did was pretty much refocus a new wider array of sounds into typical quintessential Endgame. Four big pieces, each with a slightly different focus. Maybe this is our "Zeit" or imaginary music for nature films. Marshlands sets the scene, and although not a lot seems to happen in its 21 minutes, it's a constantly changing and growing opus. Much more dynamics can be heard in Volcanic Flats with its opening big but slow rise, bolstered by a swirly organ crescendo to a plateau of bubbling electronic volcanic activity. Hereon early Cluster/Kluster comes to mind, before we go into a grand cosmic bliss-out. Rainforest is an indescribable melange of real and unreal sounds, collages and textures, ending aptly with a thunderstorm! Eventually we head off towards outer space with Stratosphere, with ethereal Mellotron textures weaving in and out of a Cluster like slidy/slippery fabric.
Typical Endgame? Yes. But there again - no. There's a lot here never heard in an Endgame album, proving that well over a decade on Endgame can still come up with many a new idea. In fact some that we never even though of until after we'd invented them! Such is the wonder of free improvisation. Or were we all remote viewing?

CD-R - released 8/2011.
Bandcamp download - released 18/9/2014.

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