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CD-R Auricle AMEGL5 deleted
available as...
bandcamp download

duration: 73'45"

1. Voice Of The Master (extract)  24'40"
2. The Farmyard Sits In The Goyfuls (condensed mix)  48'20"
3. announcement 0'40"

Endgame in concert: Sunday 18 November 2001, The Victory, Leicester (continued).
Recorded via a cassette deck linked to a PA amplifier, with EQ balancing, filtering, reverb and enhanced stereo imaging, all added at the digital mix-down stage.
Due the master tape overloading in a few places (during this performance), some sections had to be edited or mixed out. Thus “Voice Of The Master” represents the opening 25 minutes of this set (the tape ran-out after 33 minutes anyway), and
“The Farmyard Sits In The Goyfuls” amounted to a record-breaking set, hence
the closing announcement “The Endgame may never end”. It was actually a
whopping 70 minutes plus!

Documenting the unique spontaneous music of Endgame in concert from 2001 to 2006, this 11 disc series collects all the most coherent music from these gigs, only marginally mixed and edited, with authentic a live sound was possible. All the material in this collection is unique and not found on any other Endgame releases!

CD-R - released 12/2001.
Bandcamp download - released 16/8/2018.

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