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featuring unique Endgame track!

Submergence SUB 5007 63'16" CD 11.00 + p&p

1. Conrad Schnitzler: 00/117 <19-21> 6'50"
2. Mystery Hearsay: Illusive Embodiments 4'42"
3. Rapoon: Zoom Extract 2 7'02"
4. Colin Potter: Icy Things 6'29"
5. Asmus Tietchens: Tellmenge 4 5'42"
6. Merzbow: Pier 39 8'59"
7. David Lee Myers & Thomas Dimuzio: S.N.D. 6'28"
8. F/i: Undisclosed Secret Location 3'53"
9. Endgame: Ascension 12'45

Compiled by Hadley Kahn (of Escapade) 2003.
Mastered at Mother West/Night Owl Studios (NYC).

A special various artists CD from Hadley Kahn's eclectic experimental music label. PONDER THIS contains a diverse array of contemporary experimental/electronic unclassifiable music. The unique Endgame track "Ascension" ends this disc with an ecstatic and surprising crescendo, and we had high hopes that this would break us into the international market. But, no such luck. The label folded soon after and that was it. A great shame, as there's lots of other intriguing and strange stuff to discover here, with a few artists that you'll find on other Auricle releases! And, what's more, it's virtually all unique to this release. I'd say that the opening Conrad Schnitzler number Is the least exciting inclusion, and the biggest surprise is a Merzbow track that's listenable! And, if you've never encountered Mystery Hearsay or F/i, their inclusions here are quite surprising!

Destined to become a rarity - these are our very last 5 new and still sealed copies.

Ascension on YouTube

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/?/2003.

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