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available as...
Cosmic Egg UTCE 010 CDR 8.00
bandcamp download

duration: 44'21"

1. Orakel (Oracle) 22'12"
a visionary flight into other-worldly realms,
vividly portrayed on synthesizers, violin and drums.

2. Tiefe (Depth) 22'07"
a mysterious sonic painting, beautifully crafted
using a wide range of descriptive sound colours

Recorded at Nekropolis Studio, Munich in 1983.
30th anniversary reissue of the legendary Peter Frohmader (Nekropolis) cassette.
Special remastered limited edition Oct 2014.

Peter Frohmader: synths, gongs, kettledrum.
+ Rudi Haunreiter: drums & Stephan Manus: violins on "Orakel".

New remastered limited edition CDR reissue!
A classic tape of Peter's, it was originally intended as an LP release on Up Art label (same label as L.S. Bearforce) but that never happened, and it would have been lost to the world hadn't Auricle got the rights from Peter.
We discovered Peter with Nekropolis "Musik Aus Dem Schattenrich" in 1982. What a discovery, a dark and brooding, menacing electronic rock album fusing primordial Krautrock underground with elements of Zeuhl and industrial music. Hooked, we had to investigate and see if he'd done anything else. Meanwhile we discovered Nekropolis 2 (an even more out-there Zeuhlian hybrid) and eventually we got a reply from Peter, with a history, artworks, etc.
This was the very first release of Peter Frohmader in extended electronic mode, with just two big sprawling works, at the darker end of melodic, scuttly, bubbly, biomechanical, oozing invention growing out of the mire onto Krautrock in parts of side A's "Orakel" with then stalwarts of many a Frohmader release Stephan Manus with his cosmic electric violin and Rudi Haunreiter chunkying the music with some Krautrock fire. Tiefe aptly goes deeper and darker, and gets unnervingly haunting in parts. It's the type of music he composed for the film "Alien" (but the Hollywood bigwigs found it too bizarre) and you could easily picture it with that film!

reissue review...
by Paul Bougie (Facebook 16 October 2014 23:31)
Just received my CDR copy of Orakel/Tiefe by Peter Frohmader, having not heard this for quite a number of years ( I no longer possess a cassette player) it was with great pleasure that I noticed a great improvement in sound quality all round , in fact I had to check I was playing the right album , cos I didn't recognise some of it at all ! I have to admit to having a 40% hearing loss since childhood which I've only just been treated for on good ol' NHS, and that's no joke my friends as I now realise I've only heard half my Hawkwind albums (and that's just for starters!!) but a quick spin of the cassette version clinches it, there is most definitely an improvement in sound !! Can't wait for Jules Verne Cycle to get the same treatment !! Hurry if you're interested, cos there's probably only a handful left, literally !!

Cassette: 160 copies approx (various editions) - released 2/1986.
CD-R first edition: 20 numbered copies - released 13/10/2014.
CD-R second edition: 20 numbered copies (21-40) - released 6/1/2016.
Bandcamp download - released 29/11/2018.

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