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A musical success, if not overwhelmingly attended, the "Improv Electronic" nights at Bambu, 21 Welford Road, Leicester, are proving quite rewarding. IE5 in January even saw the 7 of us space-rockin' with gusto during the final big jam. But, unfortunately, something was set up wrong with the DAT and it's now a lost experience in our memories only. Chris's solo night in February was more like a private party for the 4 of us, with Chris (as always) impressing us with his versatile musical talent, especially his ambitious live improvised soundtrack to Murnau's "Nosferatu". Peter Smith kindly donated a review of the March Alto Stratus & Triax night. Next up we have a solos night, in which I plan to do a piece for bells, cymbal and echo/delay. I've no idea what anyone else is doing, but as always it's sure to be fun! By the way - it's free!

18 April - gig at Bambu was indeed fun! Chris's idea was for it to be a solo's night, from yours truly Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, Simon Styring and Chris Conway himself, most of us adopting a more basic instrumentation, and hopefully some guests as well. Despite the fact that I invited a number of others to join in, all who said "they'd love to" and would get back to, no other musicians turned up! So, it was down to the four of us, each doing a solo bit first, then the 6 different possible permutations as duos, ending with a big jam. Novel, or what?

27 April - Fun Shapeshifter gig ... in which I added lots of sizzly bubblings and wooshes on the Roland SH32 synthesizer.

28 April - Damo gig, with support from Black Carrot and others went really well, except that only 36 or so paying audience turned up. Where were all the Can fans, and those that said they'd be there but weren't? We were on the "guest list" - a privilege of being friends with the organisers and musicians. The night's final big jam, with Damo backed by an expanded Black Carrot, with David Teledu on guitar (attempting a Michael Karoli emulation) rocked along wickedly, getting very close to Can's BBC recording "Along The Bakerloo Line". Yes, the spirit of Can was reborn in Leicester on Saturday.

16 May - Improv Electronic at Bambu, with Chris Conway's space improv "not quite jazz" trio Continuum. Their first full night's gig, as far as I know, and a great vehicle for Simon Styring to wow us all with his new guitar synth. It was all pretty out there, kind of Stephan Micus in space meets Robert Fripp and Terje Rypdal's early 1970's band, well yes/no - and Chris's Theremin - wowwwaaa!

12 June - Amazing Faust gig last night! - reviewed in Audion!

11 July - The rescheduled Endgame gig went a treat last night, although not everyone disappointed by the June gig not happening could make it. Those that did all seemed to agog and mesmerised by it. Just 4 big improvisations, totalling around 140 minutes

19 July - Chris Conway billed last night's Improv Electronic as "Simon's Choice" and not just wanting to do solo guitar all night he invited Endgame to join-in as collaborators. Many different performances ensued, starting with a really wild Endgame improv for 3 bowed acoustic CD's! These ad-hoc nights are now to be known as "Impromptu Electronic" as no actual band is performing. In fact, Simon started the trend for musicians walking onto the stage as and when they thought something more could be added. Also, Julian Broadhurst's percussion added another dimension.

November - Last Wednesday's Bambu Electronic gig went really well, with basically Simon doing a mellow intro followed by two huge jams, with the 4 of us: Alan (me), Steve, Chris & Simon taking to the stage and leaving ad hoc as seemed appropriate! Not much of an audience though. Well, we were competing against England losing to Croatia. But. Extremities fan Mo made it this time, scuppered by cancellations of his previous two attempts to see us play live.

28 November - Surreal night at The Charlotte last night. Not the music, but the lack of audience! We went to see Black Carrot, who were second on stage. The first act Jesus Car Fish are a new Leicester band, and not a bad indie rock outfit with some nice numbers amongst their repertoire. Seems no one came to see them apart from a couple of groupies, one of which is a part time member of the band. The audience swelled for Black Carrot to a dozen or so. Although it was like being in a barn, I guess on stage it was ideal, as Market Harborough's adroit foursome really went on to kick up a storm, with a mixture of familiar favourites and new numbers, and surprises galore. Well, that was certainly worth the 4 quid! But, what of the next act? The Mai 68's sounded more like a relic from 1981, and their badly played pop/punk seemed to be deliberate, however they also cleared the venue a bit! Finally, it seems that no one actually came to see the headline act. Das Pop, from Ghent in Belgium may be touted as one of the hottest up-and-coming alternative pop acts around, but they sounded like many a dull indistinguishable American Velvets inspired act to me, straighter than Sonic Youth even, and not at all my bag. We stayed around largely to chat with Black Carrot people, despite the venue rapidly becoming like a fridge! I wonder if the smoking ban is having a negative effect on concert attendance? When Faust played at the Charlotte at least half the audience was smoking? Also, I guess the cold/damp weather didn't help. A strange night indeed!


We had a great gig in January at Bambu, that was the "Impromptu" band of Alan Freeman (guitar, electronics), Steve Freeman (tapes, acoustic CD), Simon Styring (guitar synth), Chris Conway (theremin, synths, voice, whistles, etc.) now known as Escape Route.

Our Triax gig supporting Black Carrot, upstairs at The Charlotte (8 March 2008), went really well. We did something different, 4 very different actual tracks, still pretty improv, but focused, using themes from "Alien Folk" which we'd not really explored further. We pretty much managed to drown out the "Oi" night downstairs, and thundered along mantric-like! Black Carrot were also roaring and now a 5-piece (new guitarist). Jim Tetlow video'd it all and no doubt the Triax will be a future DVD release! Olly of Black Carrot said "Let's do it again" - yeh, let's!

Maureen Anderson's "EQ Festival" Greenpeace benefit on 22 March was a huge success. Not sure how much money they raised, but musically it was a winner all-round. I think Maureen invited us to play so that she could claim there was "something for everyone" although our Alto Stratus set was clearly the odd thing out! Apparently our 24 minute set scared some of the audience, and one of the management commended me for this! The recording sounds something like Kluster/Cluster crossed with abstract Throbbing Gristle, and I was intending to do something more melodic. Maureen thought it was wonderful, and so did some others in the audience, and I suppose it was nice to get some perplexed/confused hecklers! Other good acts that featured, and worth a mention: Echolocation (who we'd only seen a week earlier supporting Shapeshifter, beat poetry meets Pil/Can, post-rock, and unique invention of their own), The Agonal Trace (promising band in the experimental Factory Records type vein, i.e. Joy Division, Royal Family & The Poor), and of course Shapeshifter, who tend to storm through sets these days, with my twiddly synth icing battling through! And, the stars of the show (at least to me) the ever brilliant Black Carrot!

June - Tuesday's debut at Quad Studios wasn't so much a gig, but more a jam session, with no audience as such. But it was great fun, especially playing with people we'd never worked with before. In fact we all enjoyed it so much we're going to do it again.

September - Tuesday's gig/jam at Quad Studios was quite an event. This time there was a total of nine of us on stage, if never all at the same time. Of the nine were two excellent female vocalists: Carol Leeming and Victoria Bourne, adding a whole new dimension to it all, Steve and I also did vocals, sometimes it ended up as a surreal cacophony of banshees. Wonderful stuff, I've always loved such avant-garde female jazz singing. Another newcomer was Walt Shaw from Derby, he had a whole table of gadgets, and more - a one man special effects studio - he fitted-in perfectly.

Maureen Anderson's EQ festival on 27 September had a completely different line-up to that which was advertised on The Musician web site! The only "usual suspect" was Shapeshifter, naturally. With Jim back again we played as Endgame + guest Dave Powell (on flute and stylophone) which could have been billed as Extremities, but it sounded and felt like Endgame, like a space-ship's traction been had been locked on to The Musician pub, threatening to lift it off into space.

Quadelectronic - Hat's off to Chris Conway, this event continues to grow! 21 October's event was awesome - 12 performers in various combinations & a huge mad jam at the end! Listening back to the recording, it amazingly all worked.

Sunday 14th December, at the apparently notorious arts centre "The Horse Hospital", Colonnade, Bloomsbury, WC1N, London [near Russell Square tube]. We were the only band playing, all the rest was film and video work (some of it with rather interesting music) finishing with Michael Snow's intensive sonic barrage "Wavelength" - a cult film of the avant-garde apparently. Endgame were on at 4:30pm, in the dark and it was cold too, but we muddled along with dextrous gusto (I think), I certainly made the place shudder with some of the frequencies churned out on the Roland SH-32 synth. Tapes, bowed CD, bowed springs/ruler and sound samples, all with lots of processing, amounted to the rest of the equipment. Even when Endgame travel light we can still get a real big sound!

Maureen's Winter Solstice gig: Thursday 18th December, at The Pav @ The Park, Leicester. I think we did a similar set (to Horselength), handing over gradually to Shapeshifter during the second piece.

Tuesday ?th December: Quadelectronic #7 - "another great Quad night just before Xmas, with a bit more space-rockin', odd jazzy bits and a bit of seasonal fare even! As usual, it was great fun for all." (Al's blog)


Tuesday 20th January: Quadelectronic #8 - "another great Quad night last night, this time with 16 performers involved, quite a diaspora of elements fusing and clashing. I doubt there's anything like it anywhere else in the world! Where else would you get a Russian trombone player, an Irish saxophonist, a whole range of diverse musicians on electronics, synths, weird home-made gadgetry, and three such wonderful female vocalist all together? In fact, there's even more to it than that. And, Walt Shaw was there again with his table of amplified toys and instruments. From subtle cosmos to fry-your-brains chaos, and everywhere in between! Extraordinary!"

(above listings compiled from the old Al's blog)

Tuesday 17th February: Quadelectronic #9

Tuesday 24th March: Quadelectronic #10

Tuesday 28th April: Quadelectronic #11

Saturday 2nd May: Polymorph/Multimorph (hybrid project of Endgame with Maureen Anderson & others) Endgame, Hewick+Haynes and Jaynes, and Tony Jones. The Pavillion, Victoria Park off London Road, Leicester, free - Start at 8pm.

Tuesday 19th May: Quadelectronic #12

Saturday 23rd May: Multimorph (new hybrid project of Endgame with Maureen Anderson "Shapeshifter" & others) @ Glastonbudget 23rd May, Charny Arny tent, Multimorph's set is scheduled for 2.30 in the afternoon. Turnpost Farm, Back Lane, Wymeswold, Leicestershire, LE12 6ST

Saturday 30th May: Agonal Trace, Multimorph featuring the Fish!!!, Endgame, Hewick & Haynes & Jaynes, Victoria Bourne. The Pavillion, Victoria Park off London Road, Leicester, free

Friday 5th June: "Stench 4" multimedia, art, music and electronics event at Phoenix Arts. Line-up & info TBC. The last one was £3!

Friday 12th June: Endgame, Dead Cowboy Culture, Black Carrot - The Criterion, free, rescheduled from 29th May!

Tuesday 16th June: Quadelectronic #13 - anniversary gig!

Saturday 4th July: Multimorph featuring the Fish!!! (hybrid project of Endgame with Maureen Anderson & others) Endgame, Hewick & Haynes & Jaynes, Victoria Bourne and Friends. The Pavillion, Victoria Park, off London Road, Leicester, free

Tuesday 28th July: Quadelectronic #14 - Endgame 10th anniversary

Tuesday 11th August: Kalbakken, with Victoria Bourne, Dave Dhonau & Jim Tetlow as Support. The Hub, Braunstone Gate

Tuesday 25th August: Quadelectronic #15

Friday 28th August: prequel to the "Cat Festival" at The Musician. Extremities (Endgame/Triax hybrid) should be playing.

Sunday 30th August: "Cat Festival" at The Shed. Multimorph featuring the Fish!!! (hybrid project of Endgame with Maureen Anderson & others) Black Carrot, Endgame, Victoria Bourne and Friends, Hewick, Haynes and Jaynes, and more. The Shed, 5 Yeoman Street - TBC

Friday-Sunday 18-20th September: "RIO Festival" Carmaux, France. Friday Guapo "meets" GMEA, Electric Epic, Magma. Saturday Guapo "meets" GMEA, Charles Hayward, Aranis, Combat Astronomy, Koenji Hyakkei. Sunday Guapo "meets" GMEA, Yolk, The Muffins, Present, Univers Zero. info: www.rocktime.org/rio

Saturday/Sunday 26-27th September: "Freakparade Festival" Würzburg, Germany. Saturday 14:00+ Harmonia Ensemble, United Colors Of Sodom, Three Friends - The Gentle Giant Experience. Sunday 13:00+ Panzerballett, Koenjihyakkei, Present. ticketinfo: 0049 931 285 333 or freakCha@aol.com

Tuesday 29th September: Quadelectronic #16

Sunday 18th October: "Monkey Love In" at The Musician, donation, 2pm - 10pm. Fundraiser for Monkey World. Musician page lists: Andy Griffiths, Kansas City Faggots reunion, Howard Smith & The Razors, When Cousins Marry, Chris Conway, Dead Rock Stars, Kev Reverb and others.

Tuesday 27th October: Quadelectronic #17

Saturday 31st October: Halloween Chill-Out" Multimorph featuring the Fish!!! (hybrid project of Endgame with Maureen Anderson & others) Endgame, Captain Buz Fuz, Ben Calvert. The Pavillion, Victoria Park, off London Road, Leicester, free

Tuesday 17th November: Quadelectronic #18

Tuesday 15th December: Quadelectronic #19

Saturday 19th December: Multimorph featuring the Fish!!! (hybrid project of Endgame with Maureen Anderson & others) Endgame?, others TBC. The Pavillion, Victoria Park, off London Road, Leicester, free


Tuesday 26th January: Quadelectronic #20

Wednesday 27th January: Free electroacoustic event...
On Wednesday 27th January Leicester ElectroAcoustic Sound Team (LEAST) present a free concert of electronic music in St Andrew’s Church, Leicester. Starting at 7pm, the concert will include pieces submitted by composers from around the Midlands. Special guest, Jonty Harrison, senior lecturer in music at the University of Birmingham and director of BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre) will perform alongside the group.
LEAST is a collection of Leicester based composers, currently consisting of Michael Gatt, Andrew Hill, David Hindmarch and Simon Smith. The team are passionate about electroacoustic music and strive to present this music to a wider public in interesting venues.

Tuesday 16th February: Quadelectronic #21

Thursday 4th March: Three of Leicester's finest for £3...
Black Carrot and Echolocation - plus Dead Cowboy Culture
'Black Carrot, Echolocation and Dead Cowboy Culture: this mighty triptych of art rock return to the Musician to give you a night 3 of the very best. These guys transcend the label alternative. Echolocation's new album 'Revenge of the Yes Men' out soon on Haunted By Fame. Black Carrot's 'Milking Scarabs for Dough' on Tin Angel Records out in April. great night over-all...
Dead Cowboy Culture - getting more wigged out and eccentric = getting better & better :)
Black Carrot - was the original trio on especially fine/fresh form! :))
Echolocation - had their moments, but still not as good as the first two gigs I saw :¦

Sunday 7th March: "A Lovely Coincidence" record label launch... Victoria Bourne & others @ The Musician

Saturday 20th March: EQ Fest @ The Pavillion, Victoria Park - free! 6:30pm Endgame, Multimorph, Shapeshifter, Agonal Trace, etc

Electroacoustic events at DeMontfort Uni...
Prof. Zhang Xiaofu + Mungo Zhang Ruibo /
Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing – Chinese Electroacoustic Music Centre
17 Mar, 7 pm - PACE Studio 1 - Admission free
Zhang Ruibo: birth - electronic music and digital video (2009 / 7:40)
Jinping: - electronic music (2009 / 8:00)
Zhang Xiaofu: Mask II - electronic music and digital video (2008 / 13:50)
Wang Xu: door sigh - electronic music (2008 / 7:00)
Li Xiaobing: Array - percussion, digital video and electronic music (2009 / 8:30)
Guan Peng: Variations - electronic music (2008 / 8:30)
Zhang Fu: Yin - for large Qudi, digital imaging and electronic music performance (1996-2009 / 13:30)
Personnel: Zhou Haihong (Vice Principal – Director of Research); Zhang Xiaofu (Composer / Director of CEMC); Zhang Ruibo (Outreach / Composer); Li Xiaobing (composer); Wang Dan (Bamboo Flute)

Tuesday 30th March: Quadelectronic #22

Wednesday 21st April: "A Lovely Coincidence" label artists... Victoria Bourne & others... And Then We Danced, Bluestave Free @ The Brussels Café, High Street

Saturday 24th April: Aurelie live at Phoenix Square, 21:00 - free!

Tuesday 27th April: Quadelectronic #23

Tuesday 18th May: Quadelectronic #24

Sunday 30th May: Multimorph (Shapeshifter/Polymorph) play Glastonbudget again! Turnpost Farm, Wymeswold, Leicestershire

Sound, Sight, Space & Play: 3 day DeMontfort University multimedia & electroacoustic music event including seminas, exhibitions & free concerts full details at: http://www.sssp.org.uk/
Wednesday 2nd June
19:00 / 7pm: Concert in PACE 1 (afterwards Wine&Cheese Reception in Trinity Chapel)
Memoirs of Phoenix Altair - Matt Walch (2ch)
...in tatters - Jake Rundall (5.1ch)
Breeding in Pieces - Scott Barton (2ch)
Low-bypass - Ben Ramsay (8ch)
Data Fracture – Nick Del’Nero (2ch)
SongCycle - Matthew Dotson (av/2ch)
Jetsom-Sounding - David Hindmarch (2ch)
Transmutation - Jonas Foester (4ch)
Karita - Manuella Blackburn (2ch)
Thursday 3rd June
19:00 / 7pm: Concert in PACE 1
Ode to a Cricket - Hanna Gilmour (2ch)
Closely Observed Trains - Matthew Bernard (2ch)
eart Sutra - Fredrico Marcedo (4ch)
ACU - Edgar Barroso (8ch)
Elemental Chemistry - Erik Nystrom (2ch)
Schweigeminute - Madjid Tahriri (4ch)
Instantia Crucis - Lee Fraser (2ch)
Crescendo - Fabio Paolizzo (live/4ch)

Friday 25th June: Another Occasional Occasion. Location: The Independent Arts Centre "Fabrika" 20:00 - 23:30, £3 entry on the door. Cuttlefish - LMS present a night of amazing music with some of the awesome talent from Bridge backed up by the brillian't Echolocation, and the sweet voice of Ola and friends. Bridge which includes Chris Conway, Jim Tetlow & James Lynch And playing for the first time live as a band Muted Fnord which includes Ola Szmidt & friends

Tuesday 29th June: Quadelectronic #25

Tuesday 27th July: Quadelectronic #26

Sunday 8th August SPECIAL QUADELECTRONIC EVENT hosted by The Arts Organisation (TAO), at...
The Independent Arts Centre, Humberstone Gate, Leicester
email from Chris Conway...
It was recently proposed that it would be groovy to have a night where some groups who either pre-existed before Quadelectronic or grew out of it, could perform. We have been given a night at TAO Sun 8th Aug.
I suggest 5 acts around the different axes that exist amongst us. 20-30mins each.
1. Endgame/Triax
2. Chris/Jim + Christina/James - band name?
3. Dave D/Jim +Ola/Victoria - band name?
4. Ferret & Badger - Bob & Simon
5. The Improv Choir ("Qwire"?) (perhaps dry & with different sound manipulators from amongst us)

Tuesday 24th August: Quadelectronic #27

Wednesday 25th August: Daevid Allen & The Magick Brothers at The Musician, £10 adv

Friday 27th August: Cpulse II at Phoenix Square 8pm free. Memory Wire (Conway/Tetlow), Dave Dhonau, LEAST (D. Hindmarch & others)
Following the success of their launch event, CPulse will be showcasing another fantastic mix of live music, performance and visuals from the East Midlands in the Screen Lounge. CPulse is a web-based aspirational network and showcase hub for creative people in the East Midlands. To find out more and get involved go to http://cpulse.dmu.ac.uk or email cpulse-info@dmu.ac.uk.

Tuesday 21st September: Quadelectronic #28

Saturday 18th September: The Omega Syndicate, Hashtronaut and Ethereal Electric Elixir, at Paget High School Business & Enterprise College, Burton Road, Branston, Burton on Trent, Staffs DE14 3DR Doors 6:30pm for 7:00pm start - Ticket price £10 - http://www.awakenings-em.co.uk/

Saturday 25th September: EQ Fest @ The Musician - £2 18:30 - 00:00 More info The naturally twice-yearly EQ (equinox) Festival is coming round again... an absolute treat is in store for you all again this time, with the following eclectic roster of acts... Endgame, Multimorph, Harper Bourne, Shapeshifter, etc.

Wednesday 13th October:Concert of recent MTI work, DeMontfort Uni.
Pace Studio 1
Leigh Landy: To BBC or Not
John Young: Lamentations
 Herrema: ¡Baila!
Simon Emmerson: Resonances
John Richards: Slow Train
Simon Atkinson: interiorities iii
Pete Batchelor: Kaleidoscope: Fissure

Tuesday 19th October: Quadelectronic #29

Thursday 21st October: Hallogallo 2010: Michael Rother and Friends Perform the Music of NEU! Michael Rother performs the Music of NEU! with Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), Benjamin Curtis and Aaron Mullan Barbican Hall, London, Tickets: £12.50 +

Saturday 23rd October: Awakenings - with Altres + Ion + Modulator ESP http://www.awakenings-em.co.uk/

Sunday 24th October: Maureen Anderson’s Multimorph (ex-Shapeshifter), Roused To Burning Homes The Sound House (new venue on Southampton Street, near new Phoenix Arts) £3

Wednesday 27th October: MTI event, Screen 2, Phoenix Square Digital Media Centre, Leicester. 7:30pm-9:00pm, £5
Screen 2, Phoenix Square Digital Media Centre, Leicester
Jaroslaw Kapuscinski: Oli's Dream (for MIDI piano and realtime computer projection)
Jaroslaw Kapuscinski: Juicy (for MIDI piano and realtime computer projection)
Diego Garro: Patah
Joseph Hyde: Vanishing Point
Ron Herema: Dancing Wu Wei
Andrew Hill: Perpetual Motion
Onur Senturk + Gavin Little: Nokta
Onur Senturk + Combustion: Triangle
Onur Senturk + Mert Kızılay + Omer Kasımoglu: Iskat
Semiconductor: 200 Nanowebbers
Robert Darroll: Stele
Bret Battey: Sinus Aestum

Wednesday 27th October: Black Carrot - the very best local avant-rock band! The Donkey Bar, Welford Road, Leicester - £5, 9pm

Wednesday 10th November: Concert of recent MTI work, DeMontfort Uni.
7 pm Pace Studio 1 - It’s a great year for MTI postgraduate newcomers joining an expanding community.
We continue the season with a concert that shows the diversity of this talent - the composers introduce themselves by performing recent acousmatic work.
Chris Cousin: Many Coloured Days (selection)
Sarah Mackenzie: The Burrow
Panos Amelides: Ritual Attacks
Luca Forcucci: The Fall
Ben Ramsay: Low Pass (movements 1, 2)
Annelie Nederberg: SHIFT
Mike Gatt: Les Cloches

Friday 12 November · 20:00 - 23:00: Echolocation, Black Carrot (!) and Gestalt (x) Lock 42, Frog Island, 10pm, £5 adv

Tuesday 23rd November: Quadelectronic #30

Wednesday 24th November: MTI event, Phoenix Square Screen Lounge, Leicester. 7:00 pm: free - Featuring works by postgraduate students at DMU Details TBC

Wednesday 8th December: Concert of recent MTI work, DeMontfort Uni.

Tuesday 21st December: Quadelectronic #31


Wednesday 19th January Concert of recent MTI work, DeMontfort Uni. 7:00 pm, Pace Studio 1 - TBA - electroacoustic works

Tuesday 25th January Quadelectronic #32

Saturday 5th February Awakenings - with Endgame + Nick Robinson + Second Thought - a night of cosmic electronic and experimental music, Paget High School, Business & Enterprise College, Burton Road, Branston, Burton on Trent, Staffs DE14 3DR http://www.awakenings-em.co.uk/

Tuesday 22nd February Quadelectronic #33
Friday 11th March Black Carrot at The Soundhouse, Leicester
Tuesday 29th March Quadelectronic #34
Tuesday 26th April Quadelectronic #35

Saturday 7th May Radio Massacre International - UK's finest Kosmische synth space-rock outfit, Venue: St Clement’s Church, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 9JF, Times: Doors open at 6.45pm. Band on stage at 7.45pm Concert to finish by 10:30pm Tickets: £10 (Contact veneta1@btinternet.com to pay by Paypal) Tickets will also be available on the door, price £11

Tuesday 30th May Quadelectronic #36

Friday 3rd June Black Carrot - the very best local avant-rock band! plus support? - no info given, The Donkey Bar, Welford Road, Leicester - £5, 9pm?

Sound, Sight, Space & Play - 3 day DeMontfort University multimedia & electroacoustic music event, including seminas, exhibitions & free concerts, full details at: http://www.sssp.org.uk/ Wednesday 8th June: 19:00 / 7pm: Concert in PACE 1 tba, Thursday 9th June: 19:00 / 7pm: Concert in PACE 1 tba

Saturday 18th June Nik Turner's Space Ritual - ex-Hawkwind project, at The Musician, Leicester (£12.00)

Tuesday 28th June Quadelectronic #37 - 3rd Anniversay!

Tuesday 26th July Quadelectronic #38
Tuesday 23rd August Quadelectronic #39
Tuesday 27th September Quadelectronic #40
Tuesday 18th October Quadelectronic #41
Tuesday 22nd November Quadelectronic #42
Tuesday 20th December Quadelectronic #43 (the one without Chris Conway)


Tuesday 24th January Quadelectronic #44
Tuesday 28th February Quadelectronic #45
Tuesday 27th March Quadelectronic #46

Agitation Free reformation gigs 05/04/2012 Thu 19:30 Moho Live Manchester, 06/04/2012 Fri 19:00 Jazz Cafe London - Agitation Free: Shibuya Nights - Live In Tokyo - in stock at UT £11 - You can listen to extracts of the new live album on the German JPC site
First imnpressions: Largely sounds like an easy listening Agitation Free to me. One track sounds like Blonker / Gordon Giltrap, and another almost metal. Overall, listening to the album in full, it's not a bad effort with only a couple of dodgy tracks. I don’t think I'd trek all the way to Manchester or London though, unless I got a free ticket! There are also Agitation Free gigs in Berlin and Paris (27 March) these happened, but the UK April gigs are delayed until November!

Friday 13th April Volcano the Bear @ The Abattoir plus support: Scaley Fuego (with Stewart Brackley from Black Carrot / Dragon Or Emperor) The Abbey Pub, 104 St Margarets Way, LE4

Tuesday 24th April Quadelectronic #47

Friday 27th April - THE BAT NIVEN - 3 Black Carrot people doing something different! + Evil Dick and the Banned Members - Zappa/Beefheart inspired + Different Fish - new Leicester experimental rock, apparently + The Postal Co. - new Leicester blues/folk outfit? @ Soundhouse Leicester, Leicester - £5.00 - I didn't make it, will have catch The Bat Niven next time they play local

Tuesday 29th May Quadelectronic #48 - rescheduled (previously listed as 22nd May) as on that date Jim, Ola & DD are doing a Muted Fnord thing at The Hub

MTI at De Montfort University - We missed the 14th March electroacoustic evening, which wasn't listed last time I looked. Visible Bits, Audible Bytes, Wednesday 25th April 2012 7pm, Phoenix Square, Leicester, A screening of audiovisual works curated by Bret Battey

Nothing else listed for April or May yet. Sound, Sight, Space and Play , Wed, Jun 6 - Fri, Jun 8, 2012, events - missed them!

Tuesday 26th June - QUADELECTRONIC #49
Tuesday 24th July - QUADELECTRONIC #50
Tuesday 28th August - QUADELECTRONIC #51
Tuesday 25th September - QUADELECTRONIC #52

Saturday 20th October all day synth music event: Wintherstormer, Radio Massacre International, Altres, Cosmonauttransfer, Parallel Sun, Modulator ESP

Tuesday 23rd October - QUADELECTRONIC #53 rescheduled date

Monday 5th November Gong, plus support @ The Musician, £17.50 adv
Musician blurb: Gong, much in the manner of Dr Who has gone through one of it's periodic 're-generations' and now takes the form of Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Orlando Allen (drums), Fabio Golfetti (guitar), Dave Sturt (bass) and Ian East (sax 'n' flute). Accomplished drummer/producer Orlando is of course Gilli and Daevid's younger son. Fabio Golfetti, leading light of the Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (Brazil), is a very polished guitarist in smooth Gilmour-esque prog mode and of course a glissando guitar practitioner of long standing. And many have already experienced the entertaining, expert musicianship of Ian East and Dave Sturt. Yes indeed things do change but Gong's mission statement remains rampantly and receptively what it always has been - that is, just whatever you perceive it to be...be-do..be-do..be-doo. www.planetgong.co.uk

Saturday 11th November Agitation Free @ The Jazz Café, Camden
Well, as I didn't really rate "Shibuya Nights" I wasn't going to pay the £29 train fare + ticket price for a gig I may not like, and I couldn't find anywhere listing what time they were due to start. Could have meant staying in London. £50 - £100 for an event I may not even enjoy? No way. The Manchester gig was not an option either, unless someone wanted to drive there. I was told afterwards by a friend who thought "Shibuya Nights" was their best album that I missed a great gig. I was also told that about an Amon Düül II that I missed! Enough said.

Tuesday 20th November - QUADELECTRONIC #54
Tuesday 18th December - QUADELECTRONIC #55

Thursday 20th December Muted Fnord + Poisk + James Kelly at 19:00 in UTC at The Cookie Jar, High Street, Leicester


Tuesday 29th January - QUADELECTRONIC #56
Tuesday 26th February - QUADELECTRONIC #57

Saturday 16 March Awakenings: Edge Effect, Modulator ESP and Bernhard Wöstheinrich - info

Tuesday 26th March - QUADELECTRONIC #58

Saturday 13th April Awakenings: Headshock, Peter Tedstone & Paul Harriman - info

Tuesday 23rd April - QUADELECTRONIC #59

Saturday 11th May - CANCELLED - Unfortunately, this won't be happening. Extremities will not be playing support to...
Damo Suzuki & Sound Carriers with Fangtrouser (ex Black Carrot)
Fangtrouser play oblique, groove-laden, cubist swampwaltz, laced with interludes of twinkling elizabethan neon folk. Pulling the notion of the song through a hedge backwards, the trio's stripped, impassioned sound nods towards the usual krautrock suspects - Can, Neu et al and 70s Midlands rock with morsels of brooding surrealist verse. Fangtrouser were formed in 2012 in Market Harborough and feature Oliver Betts (The Varp, Transparent Elves, Black Carrot) - Vocals, Keys, Woodwind, Tom Betts (Black Carrot) - Drums, Saturninity and Mark Herdman (Palmer Eldritch) - Guitars.
Extremities are an occasional hybrid improv outfit of local Leicester bands Endgame & Triax. Extremities cover a lot of ground, from pure improv through to high energy freak-outs. Basically Endgame + the electrified hurdy gurdy of multi-instrumental Wiz Dave Powell. Unique! Extremities lull, startle and surprise. Expect the unexpected! Extremities were formed in August 2002 by experimentalists from Leicester, Elmsthorpe and Redditch. The line-up at this gig may comprise: Alan Freeman (laptop, synth, guitar), Steve Freeman (synth, bass, sounds), Dave Powell (hurdy gurdy, flute, things), Jim Tetlow (laptop, keyboard, stuff).
Maybe someone can organise an alterntative gig?!

Tuesday 21st May - QUADELECTRONIC #60

May - Volcano The Bear will be touring Europe, but no UK dates :(  - 17th - Moscow, Russia - Avant Club / 18th - St Petersburg, Russia - SKIF Festival / 20th - Mainz, Germany - Walpodenakademie / 21st - Cologne, Germany - Stadtgarten / 22nd - Berlin, Germany - N.K. / 23rd - Copenhagen, Denmark - Jazzhouse / 24th - Belgrade, Serbia - Ring Ring Festival

Tuesday 25th June - QUADELECTRONIC #61
Tuesday 23rd July - QUADELECTRONIC #62
Tuesday 20th August - QUADELECTRONIC #63
Tuesday 24th September - QUADELECTRONIC #64
Tuesday 29th October - QUADELECTRONIC #65 new date!

RIO FESTIVAL 2013 - POSTER REMOVED: FOR FESTIVAL DETAILS, VISIT: http://www.rocktime.org/rio/ Of course, I'd go if I had the money!

Tuesday 19th November - QUADELECTRONIC #66

Wednesday 4th December - De Montfort University - PACE Studio 1 (19:00-21:00) free Craig Vear Black Cats and Blues a hypermedia concerto for 'cello and digital technology, with Audrey Riley (cello).

Tuesday 17th December - QUADELECTRONIC #67


Quadelectronic 2015 dates
Tuesday 28th January - #68
Monday 24th February - #69
Tuesday 25th March - #70
Tuesday 22nd April - #71
Tuesday 20th May - #72
Tuesday 24th June - #73
Tuesday 22nd July - #74
Tuesday 26th August - #75 -
revised date
Tuesday 23rd September - #76
Tuesday 21st October - #77
Tuesday 25th November - #78 -
revised date
Tuesday 16th December - #79

Electric Moon
German space-rock outfit, related to Psychedelic Monster Jam (Guru Guru) and Zone Six
17 June, Leicester UK, The Musician £8 adv.


ThElectriCool - Festival of Psychedlic Rock
17 October 2015, The Scholar (02 Academy 3, Leicester University Campus), Leicester.
SIENA ROOT (SE), more acts TBC...
No one else playing I've heard of, and Siena Root have changed style completely!

Get The Blessing - on tour
04th Sep - The Kazimier , Liverool
05th Sep - Freedom Festival , Hull
13th Sep - The Lantern , Bristol
16th Oct - Match&Fuse Festival 2015, London London
25th Oct - Crane LaneTheatre , Cork
26th Oct - Bodega @ St Peters Market, Cork
13th Nov - The Silk Mill, Derby

Amon Düül II & Friends
Shapes in Hackney, Hackney, United Kingdom
21 November at 17:00

Quadelectronic 2015 dates
Tuesday 27th January - #80
Tuesday 24th February - #81
Tuesday 24th March - #82
Tuesday 28th April - #83
Tuesday 26th May - #84
Tuesday 23rd June - #85
Tuesday 28th July - #86
Tuesday 25th August - #87
Tuesday 22nd September - #88
Tuesday 27th October - #89
Tuesday 24th November - #90
Tuesday 22nd December - #91

Church Of Sound
Electronic events at Lee Rosy's Tea Shop in Nottingham (monthly)
Thursday 16th July: Alto Stratus, Memory Wire, Quadelectronic Quintet
Thursday 17th September: Yellow6, Infinity Curve, Grey Frequency
Thursday 15th October: Nick Robinson, The Garwin Project, A Collection of Notes
Thursday 19th October: Inclusion Principle, Orlando Ferguson, Legion of Swine

Ambient Underground
Live electronic music at The Cookie in Leicester, United Kingdom
Thursday 14th May: Memory Wire & Audible Light
Wednesday 30th September: Audible Light + Modulator ESP


Church Of Sound (Nottingham) Thursday 21st July: Triax, Mooch, Concept Devices

see on Facebook

including release launch of our new 2 disc opus Triax - Integrated Circuits !!!

Thanks to Jez Creek for a great night!

1m extracts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTIS8F82qGA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxAew9Gx4yc

Thursday 21st January: Chris Conway, Modulator ESP & Concept Devices
Thursday 18th February: Vostok, Yellow6, Spandril
Thursday 17th March: Bo Meson, Colossloth, Tape Noise
Thursday 21st April: Grey Frequency, Nick Jonah Davis, Ræppen
Thursday 19th May: The Garwin Project, A Collection of Notes
Thursday 16th June: Manga Bros, Theda Electronic Music, Charlie Ulyatt
Thursday 21st July: Triax, Mooch, Spectral Breath
Thursday 22nd September:
Thursday 20th October: Paul Harriman, Monkey Trial, Frequency Modulator
Thursday 17th November:

Quadelectronic 2016 dates
Tuesday 26th January - #92
Tuesday 23rd February - #93
Tuesday 22nd March - #94
Tuesday 26th April - #95
Tuesday 24th May - #96
Tuesday 28th June - #97 8th anniversary!
Tuesday 26th July - #98
Tuesday 23rd August - #99
Tuesday 20th September - #100 new date
Tuesday 25th October - #101
Tuesday 22nd November - #102
Tuesday 20th December - #103

Ambient Underground
Live electronic music at The Cookie in Leicester, United Kingdom
Wednesday 13th January: Audible Light + Alto Stratus
Thursday 21st April: Audible Light + Etherwheel
Thursday 18th August: Audible Light + Dave Everitt


Quadelectronic 2017 dates
Tuesday 31st January - #104
Tuesday 28th February - #105 - rescheduled (new date)
Tuesday 28th March - 106
Tuesday 25th April - #107
Tuesday 23rd May - #108 -
Tuesday 27th June - #109 - 9th anniversary! (new date)
Tuesday 25th July - #110 -
Tuesday 22nd August - #111 -
Tuesday 26th September - #112 -
Tuesday 24th October - #113 -
Tuesday 21st November - #114 -
Tuesday 19th December - #115 -

Church Of Sound
19th January Spandril, Imboredofbastards, Andromeda Phase
16th February Bob Hedger, Alien, Booth & Creek
16th March The Diamond Family Collective, Plyci, Grey Frequency
20th April Monkey Trial, Peter Waring, Pale World
18th May Raeppen, Ten, Rosebud
15th June Chris Conway, A Drysalter, Elbrus
20th July Blue Lily Commission, Paul Harriman, Chris Bywater
21st September Paul Nagle, Peter Challoner, Concept Devices
19th October Triax, Meson, Plyci
16th November Modulator ESP, TBC

Ambient Underground
Thursday, 19th January: Audible Light + A Drysalter (Chris Thornhill: guitars, electronics, things)
+ 2 other events, one with David Dhonau


Damo Suzuki at The Soundhouse in Leicester on Tuesday 15 May.

Extraordinary gig here in Leicester last night. Damo was joined by a special band created for the event: Kevin Hewick (guitar), Jim Tetlow (cajon, electronics), Dave Davies (bass), Dan Hessing (drums), E-Da (percussion). Just one big set, about an hour I think, of sizzling rock that was kind of a side-step from "Mother Sky" with tons of diversions. It reached amazing intensity. At the end, Damo was ecstatic and complemented the band "That was one of the very best". Also met a couple of old UT customers who recognised me, both wondering if Ultima Thule still existed!

QE116 - Jan 30th - Chris missed this one
QE117 - Feb 27th
QE118 - March 20th
QE119 - April 24th
QE120 - Tue May 22nd
QE121 - June 19th - 10th Anniversary
QE122 - July 24th
QE123 - August 21st
QE124 - September 25th - Chris missed this one
QE125 - October 30th - new date
QE126 - November 20th
QE127 - December 18th

Ambient Underground
Tuesday, 23rd January: Audible Light + Carise Zangerle Murray
Wednesday, 30th May: Audible Light + Windfall Light
Tuesday, 18th September: Audible Light + Approaching Infinity

Black Carrot + Echolocation
7 March Wed 20:00 · The Musician Pub · Leicester

Under The Radar
Echolocation, Black Carrot, Earls, Fivehead, Coutney Askey, Fangtrouser, The Surrealists, Kittenfang, Mess Yerself, etc.
10 & 11 August 2018, 2 Funky Music Cafe, 23A New Park Street, LE3 5NH Leicester, United Kingdom


QE128 - January 22nd
QE129 - February 19th
QE130 - March 19th
QE131 - April 23rd - no Chris or Jim at this one
QE132 - May 28th - no Jim at this one
QE133 - June 25th - 11th Anniversary
QE134 - July 23rd
QE135 - August 20th
QE136 - September 24th
QE137 - October 22nd - no Jim at this one
QE138 - November 19th - no Chris at this one
QE139 - December 17th

Ambient Underground
Wed 30 January - Audible Light & Lion/s
Wed 12 June - Audible Light & Guitar Music Is Dead
Tues 8 October - Audible Light & UV Spectra

MTI De Montfort University
Electronic events at PACE Studio 1 (19:00-21:00) free
Wed 16 January - MTI presents: Sweet Anticipation, featuring some of the latest work from the MTI!

Black Carrot + Thee Telepaths, The Cars That Ate Paris
9 March · Duffy's Bar · Leicester

Church Of Sound
22nd August - Approaching Infinity, Peter Challoner, Modulaor ESP


MTI De Montfort University
Electronic events at PACE Studio 1 (18:30-20:30) free
Wed 15 January - MTI presents: Electroacoustic Music from Italy
A concert of audiovisual and electroacoustic music from the Bologna Conservatory and the Tempo Reale Centre (Florence).
Videomusic, live improvised electronic music & acousmatic music.
Pre-concert talk by Francesco Giomi , 6.30pm. Concert, 7pm
Presented by composers Francesco Giomi (director, Tempo Reale) and Simone Faraci, with work by Mattia Siboni, Francesca Longhi, Agnese Banti, Chiara Sgatti, Emil Bruscolini, Giada Turini, Asia Pierotti, Davide Baldazzi, Andrej Cebski, Caterina Appignani, Cesare Bettini, Lelio Camilleri, Francesco Giomi and Simone Faraci.

QE140 - January 21st
QE141 - February 18th

Ambient Underground
Thurs 30 January - Audible Light & Pale Blue Dot

Church Of Sound
cancelled - Thurs 19 March

Limpe Fuchs
Upset The Rhythm presents… London concert & Workshop
Sat 14 March 2020, 19:30 /  Sun 15 March 2020, 13:00 at Waterless Hills, London


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