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Auricle AMCDR 123  65'17"  CD-R £7.00 + p&p

1. Song Blue 20'50"
2. Sundays 13'53"
3. Nudity: part one 12'43"
4. Nudity: part two 10'20"
5. Exit 7'30"

Composed by Ole Højer Hansen.
Recorded in Copenhagen & Odsherred (June/July 1988).

Ole Højer Hansen: synth, sampler.
+ Zenia Hansen: keys.


A little known synthesist from Denmark, but one that should really have become world famous. I first encountered him with the mysterious LP release "Transmission" which I just bought because it looked curious! An excellent album that bridges instrumental prog of the Bo Hansson field and synth music, with excellent use of restraint, space and dynamics. Via a friend of a contact I eventually managed to track Ole down, and was glad to find out he was still active and had new material pending release.

"Nudity" saw a big leap on and change of direction from his earlier work, to a more cosmic music with long flowing tracks. This proved that he was undoubtedly amongst the greats of European synth music (though in debt to Klaus Schulze) with a unique angle of his own, beyond the realms of "X" or "Mirage" to realms where Klaus had only hinted. Taking it all a step further. It's wondrous space music, often very understated and mysterious, yet on occasions greatly dynamic and powerful, a little towards Ragnar Grippe's "Ten Temperaments" too.

An excellent 20 minute track by Ole can also be heard on "Escape From The Cage, Vol. 3". He also made a further CD called "The Dome" which is well worth tracking down, similar but darker in mood. We really tried to spread the word about Ole, but I think his brand of music was never quite commercial enough for the average synth fan. A shame. Ole is still active these days, but has since largely worked in multi-media, ballets, soundtracks and such-like.

Originally a cassette - approx 120 copies - released 23/11/1988.
First CDR edition - released ?/?/2010.
Second CDR edition - released ?/?/2014.
Third CDR edition - released ?/?/2016

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