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Unfruchtbarmachung Der...
Beschneider Erich




MC Auricle AMC 020 deleted
available as...
Auricle AMCDR 268 £8.00
bandcamp download

duration: 57'57"

1. Volti Maestro, Ma Ped Cantibile  2'58"
Destroying The Beauty Of Fragile Objects  7'14"
Das Bergräbnis  17'02"
Out Of Cold Storage  2'05"
Unfruchtbarmachung Der Ungelernt  9'30"
No Peace For The Alchemist  8'56"
Dance For Central Government  6'47"
Beschneider Erich  3'22"

Unreleased, remixed & old recordings.
1,2,3 taken from "Cerebration" (Land Of Yrx Products BASL 19) from 1984, all re-mixed or enhanced.
4 is remixed from a solo recording by Rob Andrews.
Other tracks are unreleased live & studio recordings 1983-85.
Compiled by David Gate after a suggestion by Auricle Music.
Produced by Auricle Music, March 1987.
From a remaster supplied by Robert Andrews.
Further hiss and glitch/click removal by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio, 23 April 2017.
Licensed from David Gate.
Design & layout by Xylem.

Rob Andrews: guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, etc.
David Gate: keyboards, electronics, tapes, voice, percussion, rhythms, etc.
Nick Elborough: voice, percussion, electronics (5)
Mark Francombe: guitar (5)
Steve Collins: guitar (6,8)
Andrew Pinches: saxophone (6), percussion (8)

Another new Auricle tape that is a ‘compilation of remixed, old and live recordings...’, to quote from Auricle Music’s latest catalogue, and a pretty good collection it’s turned out to be.
   The 8 tracks are varied and among some of the best recorded by the band. With one or two exceptions the accent is mainly on the more rock/synth oriented side of David Gate and Robert Andrews’ output. The latter’s neat guitar playing is put to admirable use on tracks such as Destroying The Beauty Of Fragile Objects which is a "cool" jazz/rock-style piece, and Unfruchtbarmachung Der Ungelernt, a dense and gritty slab of slow urban blues. The 17 minute long Das Begrabnis, extracted from the original side-long piece that graced their Cerebration tape showcases the more experimental nature of Land of Yrx and features some interesting synth lines swooping and swirling in, out and around the march-like percussive backdrop. No Peace For The Alchemist is a melodious and emotive track with some fine sax playing and complementary synth and guitar work, a 9 minute gem of a piece in fact. Beschneider Erich which closes the album displays a weird mixture of dramatic synth playing and offbeat surrealist humour which works well.
   A highly enjoyable collection of music from a band that deserve to be heard more widely. Well worth investigating.
Review by Peter Harrison, from Audion #5, page 25 (July 1987)

This release proves most web reviews about The Land Of Yrx wrong. If you have a listen to Unfruchtbarmachung Der Ungelernt  - a heavy fried blues that fuses the sound of early Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle with Heldon a la Zind and Zind Destruction, and Beschneider Erich - a rather breezy track that blends such diverse elements as Ashra, Richard Pinhas and Mike Oldfield (and there are many more surprising diversions with the other 6 tracks) you'll soon realise that The Land Of Yrx were no mere synth band, but much more than that.

Cassette - released 1987.
CD-R: 20 numbered copies - released 1/7/2017.
Bandcamp download - released 12/7/2020.

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