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Lotus Electronika 86 part 3



available as...
Auricle AMCDR 255/6 11.00
bandcamp download

duration: 109'13"

disc 1...


Lotus Electronika '86

13th September 1986 at The Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford.

First generation mixing desk copy supplied by Andy Garibaldi.


1. Part One 10'09"

2. Part Two 4'05"

3. Part Three 10'03"

4. Part Four 5'43"


U.K. Electronica '88

3rd September 1988 at St. John's, Smith Square, Westminster, London.

Transferred from the cassette by Jack McCafferty.


5. Set One 18'13"

6. Set Two 10'30"


disc 2...


Network 23 Festival

18th March 1989 at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.

Recorded by Alan Freeman on a portable cassette recorder.


1. Part One 8'11"

2. Part Two 18'47"

3. Part Three 7'21" (also included as an mp4 video)


Myths Of Far And Near MC (Kevin O'Neill K 02) 1985


4. Zen And The Art Of Falling Off Buildings, Parts 1-3 15'48"


Tracks on Disc 1 previously on the cassette "Live!" (Kevin O'Neill K 07) 1988.
Restored and remastered by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio, February 2017.
License: Kevin O'Neill. Produced by Alan & Steve at Auricle.
Original cassette graphics by T. Morgan, with insert design by K.O'Neill.
CD reissue design and layout by Xylem.

Due to the age of the tapes and methods of recording or transfer, some defects remain, although all detectable clunks, glitches, drop-outs and volume drops have been repaired where possible. The recordings have also been marginally EQ'd and enhanced for the best possible sound versus unwanted tape hiss and noise.

This release collects all the known live recordings of Kevin O'Neill during the 1980s, all at prestigious events that we at Ultima Thule attended. The "Electronica" events were recorded professionally by the organisers. Those previously appeared on the cassette edition. However, the masters for that had been lost, so other sources had to be located, now resulting in quality superior to the original tape. The other concert was recorded by me (Alan Freeman) in the audience with a portable stereo cassette recorder, which wasn't ideal what with the creaky audience seating and sundry noises, but I managed to make it sound reasonably good. The other bonus track comes from a various artists release on Kevin O'Neill's label called "Myths Of Far And Near" in between Keviin's first and second tapes, which hadn't got a home, but fits here quite nicely!

2xCDR: 20 numbered copies - released 17/4/2017.
Bandcamp download - released 21/11/2018.

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