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Orient Express
Inedits 1986 demo 2

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CD-R Auricle AMCDR 208 sold out
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duration: 51'02"+

1. Requiem (Pascale Jakubowski/Erik Baron)  6'18"
Orient-Express (Erik Baron/Pascale Jakubowski)  5'07"
In Articulo Mortis (Pascale Jakubowski/Erik Baron)  3'14"
Ailleurs (Pascale Jakubowski)  0'35"
5/2-2/4* (Erik Baron)  5'00"
Podloga (Erik Baron/Pascale Jakubowski)  5'52"
Histoire (Pascale Jakubowski)  5'43"

    bonus archives
Djemila (Pascale Jakubowski)  3'00"
Thèorèma (Pascale Jakubowski/Erik Baron)  3'06"
Distance (Erik Baron)  4'26"
Elle... (Pascale Jakubowski/Erik Baron)  3'34"
L'Offrande A Itzpapalotl (Erik Baron)  4'56"

Erik Baron: electric bass (electronics, devices); organ & noises (10).
Pascale Jakubowski: piano, voice, bass clarinet (not on 12).
Bernard Pigeau: percussion (5).
Christophe Delmond: trompinette (7).
Marie Mallet, Francoise Schanbroeck: flute piccolo (7).
Jean Paul Nogues: soprano saxophone (7).
François Poul: baritone saxophone (10).

Original recordings made by Pascale Jakubowski & Erik Baron.
Used by permission, under limited license for this reissue.
Thanks also to Jean Paul Nogues & Francoise Schanbroeck.
Digital transfer and mastering by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio,
Leicester (UK) July 2005 and August/September 2015.
Cover design/layout by Alan, based on original cassette artwork.
Produced by Auricle Music © 2015.

1-7 Cocktail Molotov (Musique en Chantier MC 002) cassette © 1985 32m
3 also appeared on F/Ear-This (P.E.A.C.E. 4/5) 2LP Italy © 1986
8/9/10 taken from Inédits 1986 (Demo) unreleased cassette
9 also featured on Out of Standard France II (ADN CC5) cassette © 1987
11 is an unreleased 1985 archive recording, supplied by Erik Baron
12 was featured on the F-Rants (SJ Org/Audiophile Tapes SJ/aT1) cassette © 1988

Reissue of the 1980s cassette only release, plus 19 minutes of rare quality bonus material, by this groundbreaking French experimental RiO / Zeuhl type fusion duo.

From Audion #5, page 20, review by Alan Freeman...
Despite their name, Orient Express are typically French in every way. They play a music that has grown through French rock and jazz cultures since the late sixties, an explosive cocktail of diverse and exciting ideas, through which this exceptionally talented duo challenge the listener and succeed with impeccable virtuosity.
Pascale Jakubowski (seemingly the leader) plays piano and bass clarinet, she’s also an exceptionally talented vocalist capable of performing virtually every type of vocal utterance one can imagine. Erik Baron plays bass guitar and is indeed adept at making it sound like anything from a cello to a Chapman Stick. They are also aided by all manner of devices, drum-computer, etc. In the booklet that accompanies the cassette, the two musicians quote their influences - Pascale comments that the use of text on Eno & Byrne’s My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts inspired her vocal technique to a great extent, as well as ethnic chants, the experimental use of phonetics by the likes of Tamia, Meredith Monk, etc. Her bass clarinet playing reminiscent of Michel Berkmans (I know he pays bassoon and oboe, but the style is similar), though she doesn’t quote any such influence. Erik quotes people as diverse as Klaus Schulze, Stockhausen, Magma and Bela Bartok, as having influenced him over the years.
Requiem opens the tape with orchestral sounds, strange vocals and percussive bass, and moves through glissandi and abstract phases, with some fascinating vocal gibberish. Orient Express follows with some manic piano attacks, akin to Art Zoyd (or ultimately Stravinski), building up in a crazed rhythmic fashion, backed by cacophonous echoed drum- machine and glissando bass. On Inarticulomortis Pascale lets rip, with multiple tracks of her voice reciting nonsensical things like "a ning-nang-ning-na nong..." over Stick style bass, as they say - weird but wonderful! On the other tracks we are taken through many moods, both violent and spooky, with never a dull moment anywhere. Thoroughly inventive music that should appeal to all lovers of RIO and/or modern avant-garde rock.

Original issue: MC (Musique En Chantier MC 002) - released 1985.
CD-R: 50 numbered copies - released 15/9/2015.
Bandcamp download - released 21/9/2018.

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