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Eno Trap Gits extract



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Auricle AMCDR 230 8.00 stock: last 7 copies 6/12/2020

duration: 39'18"

1. Stig Part One 19'37"

Equipment: Moog Prodigy, violin, voices, saucepan lid, cupboard door

2. Eno Trap Gits 19'37"

Equipment: voices, water, tea-cup, lamp-shade, kettle, chair, string sample

Devised, composed, performed and recorded by Mackeral 'Rub-It' Cloth & Risotto Drake at Rancid Terrors Studios, Otley, West Yorks on 17, 20, 21 January 1988.

Original cassette: Poultry Productions PP5 1988
License: Richard Errington.
Digital transfer 2007, and remaster 3 September 2016 by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio. Original cover: ClothEarz (uncredited). Layout: Xylem.

Mackeral 'Rub-It' Cloth (Michael Clough) & Risotto Drake (Richard Errington)
were ClothEarz, two members of the legendary Rancid Poultry.


"Two lengthy excursions of intense minimalism (drones, loops, echo, fold-back) meeting industrial nightmare tonalities. For fans of Kluster/Cluster, the abstract Throbbing Gristle, Alto Stratus, Laughing Hands, Asmus Tietchens, Zoviet France, et al."

Clothearz - STIG (Poultry Productions PP5) MC

Yet more music from the land of the festering ducks...

Clothearz present us with two lengthy soundscapes for synth, violin, voices, saucepan lid and cupboard door on Stig Part One; and voices, water, teacup, lamp shade, kettle, chair and sampled strings on Eno Trap Gits. Odd instrumentation indeed, but the most important instrument they omit from mentioning: namely a tape delay system that causes all the sounds to swirl and glide around in dramatic rhythmic forays. With the exception of some troublesome crackle in the mix, this is an exceptionally inventive diversion from Frippertronics, that with the Mellotron-like sections on Eno Trap Gits gets to great emotional and fascinatingly dynamic heights.

Alan Freeman (Audion #8, page 26 - May 1988)

Original issue: MC (Poultry Productions PP5) - released 1988.
CD-R: 20 numbered copies - released 24/10/2016.

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