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Rancid Poultry
ARCHIVES: 1996-08-13

available as...
Auricle AMCDR 294 8.00 stock: last 2 copies 6/12/2020

duration: 58'34"

1. 16'46"
2. 11'47"
3. 14'22"
4. 15'31"

Unreleased session, 13 August 1996. Recorded by Rancid Poultry.
Digital transfer and license: Michael Clough.
Edited and compiled by Alan Freeman, 8 January 2019 at Tachyon Studio.
Poultry logos: Mackeral & Risotto. Layout: Xylem.

Ashley Clarke: drums
Risotto Drake: guitars, etc.
Mackeral Cloth: bass, etc.
Steve Davis: synthesizers

Choice selected releases from the 1990s rehearsal session vaults of Rancid Poultry. Although this session is titled "Sparsity" the music isn't at all sparse or empty, and it would seem to imply a desire for carrying of the music with the minimum amount of deviation from the overall structure. In this way it hints at the release "The Politics Of Monotony" and it achieves a near-on hypnotic state at times.

CD-R: 4 numbered copies - released 25/2/2019.

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