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No Gravity
The Ten



Auricle AMCDR 220 48'08" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. Desert Star 3'48"
2. Upstreaming 3'15"
3. No Gravity 5'29"
4. Wintermute 5'23"
5. Frippery 5'32"
6. Paranoids Progress 4'56"
7. Aphrodisia / Black Whole 4'58"
8. The Ten 4'05"
9. Chill Out 8'55" + 1'03"

Produced by Quark.
All compositions by Quark, except 8 by Rich Hind.
1-4,8,9: Recorded at Moor Lane Farm, Copmanthorpe (20/3/94).
5-7: Recorded at Moor Lane Farm, Copmanthorpe (7/93).
Engineer: Rich Hind.

Original CDR release: Quark CD01 1993/1994/2002
License and band photo from Rich Hind.
Transfer and remaster by Alan Freeman 11 July 2016 at Tachyon Studio.
Inside cover replicated from previous issue.
Design and layout of reissue art by Alan.

Paul Booth: drums.
John Halewood, Tony Powell: guitars.
Rich Hind: basses.


QUARK - LIQUID (Demo) MC 32m

Now Djam Karet seem to have almost disintegrated and the Ozric Tentacles seem to have got stuck at the end of a blind alley, we need someone new on the scene - right? Well, Quark could just be that someone based on this debut cassette. As a relatively new band, and with not that much experience live or in the studio, they've come up with quite a dazzling debut. Totally instrumental and fronted by two guitarists, Quark sit somewhere between melodic progressive and space-rock, undeniably there are strong touches of early Djam Karet, moves close to LIVE AT THE TARGET era Twelfth Night, and there's also sizeable chunks of 70's Euro progressives in there too.
This cassette would seem to be a selection of extracts, as many pieces either fade in or fade out, and hint that Quark are possibly an amazing jamming band. There's so little genuine progressive rock in Britain, so it's great to discover another new act on the scene.

Alan Freeman (Audion #29, page 34 - 1994)


Previously reviewed in Audion as one of the best new British rock bands around, Quark's LIQUID cassette showed great promise. They've now issued that, along with their eponymous debut as this CDR release. It's good stuff, indeed, feeling somewhere between the Ozric Tentacles, Djam Karet and the original instrumental Twelfth Night, full of invention, solos, and power drives galore. All with sizzling guitars...

Alan Freeman (Audion #48, page 31 - 2003)

First edition of 20 numbered copies - released 22/8/2016

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