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Infinite Desire



CD-R Auricle AMCDR 157 deleted
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duration: 53'45"

1. She 2'15"
2. Birth Of The Sun 9'44"
3. The Singing Ringing Tree 1'58"
4. Ice Train [Zuruck Nach Deutschland] 7'40"
5. Third Planet From The Sun 4'43"
6. Within The Slumber Of Galactic Nightmares 13'00"
7. Mirage 3'44"
8. Infinite Desire 10'36"

All titles, music, artwork, and photography by David Eveson.

Instruments: electric guitar, drum machine, Moog, Synth X, Mellotron, ARP 2600, heartbeat, percussion / cymbals, voice.

Sine Wave 2 takes us to different places. The UT shop card says: 2nd excursion by talented multi-instrumerntalist, more sunths, towards Heldon/Tangerine Dream realms, whereas my own cover notes say: Dave Eveson's second Sine Wave album was recorded during 2008 and 2009, and heads in a different direction to his debut, in fact it heads off in many different directions, with each track a unique new invention, whilst paying homage to the German and French 1970's pioneers that inspired him. Dave himself never thought of the French angle really, thinking probably I meant someone like Pulsar. True, there's a bit of that, but it's more that French feel of acts on the Disjuncta & Pole labels I was thinking of. Whatever, it has that "je ne sais quoi" that's hard pin down!

CD-R - released 2010.
CD-R second edition - released 15/5/2014.
Bandcamp download - released 1/12/2018.

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