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Zeitkaleidoskop extract



Cosmic Egg UTCE 015 CDR  71'18"  CD-R £8.00 + p&p

1. Ein Paar Sekunden Stille / Barkau Train  11'30"
Zeitkaleidoskop  8'04"
Tagesausflug In Der Natur  12'26"
Bright Sunshine, Darkest Night  24'13"
Space  5'01"
Heißer Julitag  9'55"

Music: Sonic Sculpture
Texte: Helmut Lenz (2,4,6)
Cover: Else Nothing
© 2000 Sonic Sculpture
License: Wolfgang Seidel
Project, layout, remaster:

Mathias Burmester: Trumpet, Percussion; also Vocals (5)
Wolfgang Seidel: Guitar, Sounds & Noise, E-Bow
Willi Voss: Saxophone, Keyboards, WX, Sounds
Helmut Lenz: Voice, Percussion, Clarinet
Volker Bohn: drums (6)

Obscure experimental free Krautrock jazz and electronics outfit, only ever previously issued as a demo, now available as a special limited edition on Cosmic Egg for those that love such weird stuff! In Sonic Sculpture I hear what could have been one of those groundbreaking albums on the CMP label a decade or so earlier, partly Krautrock, partly avant-jazz, and partly a genre no one has given a name for. In it elements of David Torn's "Tripping Over God" sit alongside touches of Günter Schickert, the crazier improv flights of 1975/76 era live Can, etc.. There are also fragments of abstract Dada like poetry, some of it in English, some in German, adding a Fluxus connection (Conrad Schnitzler, Albrecht./d references can be heard too). Add to that much that is their own and unique, and you have a heady trip that deserves to be more widely heard.

p.s. This is a different Wolfgang Seidel to the Ton Steine Scherben member and Conrad Schnitzler cohort (aka Wolf Sequenza).

First edition of 20 numbered copies - released 29/11/2016

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