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Auricle AMCDR 310 8.00
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duration: 44'20"

1. View 1 19'34"
View 2 24'43"

Recorded in April 1989.
Self-released cassette: PT 08 1989.
Picture by H/B.
Headphone Music.

Cassette transfer supplied by Jack McCafferty.
Enhanced, rebalanced and repaired by Alan Freeman.
Produced by Auricle Music, August 2021.
Design/layout: Xylem.
License: Peter Tedstone.

Peter Tedstone: synthesizer, sampler.

This is one of the 3 last cassettes that Peter recorded in the late 1980s, then making use of new cheap sampling technology. The results were a trilogy of weird electronic albums that are still in a world of their own many decades later.
When reissuing Audion issues as pdf/multimedia editions, the conversation turned to the possibility of these reissues, of which Peter consented. However, he no longer had masters, due to a mishap, hence these releases are transferred from old cassettes, with minor repair and remastering.
The review below is from Audion 13, page 30, written by Alan Freeman, the manager of Auricle Music.

Peter Tedstone
(Private PT 08) MC: 45m
(Private PT 09) MC: 42m

Peter Tedstone has often been criticised for the way he's generally latched onto trends and the ideas of others, instead of venturing down his own pathway of exploration. But now, all that has changed, Peter has made a vast departure with these 2 releases of highly innovative and explorative music that blends the bizarre, the atonal, spacious and sequential most effectively.
Both tapes feature one lengthy work per side. VIEW is Peter at his most experimental and atonal yet. The first 11 minutes of VIEW 1 consist of a carefully crafted array of bizarre vocal sample effects over a hypnotic droning underlay, no melodic structure or rhythmic base at all, and all VIEW 2 is strange and atmospheric with muted chime-like percussives. Only the closing 9 minutes of VIEW 1 are melodic and recognisable as Peter Tedstone from his previous releases.
ALGIERS is an even more surprising release, in ideas this is probably more experimental, yet the results: an ethnic synth music, are likely to be more accessible and have wider appeal. A totally unique environment has been created here. most of the sounds are self-sampled: percussives are all vocal sounds like Cush! prchch! etc, computer generated voice and tape effects are used most effectively. The Arabian tinged sequential- melodies may well remind one of Steve Hillman, yet Peter has gone beyond those realms to a weird fascinating sound-world that is most rewarding. Such radical steps of invention now have me wondering - what next? Whatever, it should be exciting!

Original issue: private MC from Peter Tedstone PT 08 1989.
CD-R: 20 numbered copies - released /2021.
Bandcamp download - released /2021.

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