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The Following Signal (extract)




available as...
Auricle AMCDR 312  £8.00
bandcamp download

duration: 38'39"

1. The Following Signal  19'55"
Time To Time  18'41"

Recorded Winter 1989.
Thanks to Kevin O'Neill for VFX tape
and Phil Thompson for cover design and layout.
Self-released cassette: PT10 © 1989.

Prepare for brain damage.
The weird tapes -
also available "View" and "Algiers"

Cassette transfer by unknown.
Enhanced, rebalanced and repaired by Alan Freeman.
Produced by Auricle Music, August 2021.
Design/layout: Xylem.

Peter Tedstone: sampler, voice, vocal tapes, synths.
Sampled voice of Maria Ganderton on 1.

This is one of the 3 last cassettes that Peter recorded in the late 1980s, then making use of new cheap sampling technology. The results were a trilogy of weird electronic albums that are still in a world of their own many decades later.
   When reissuing Audion issues as pdf/multimedia editions, the conversation turned to the possibility of these reissues, of which Peter consented. However, he no longer had masters, due to a mishap, hence these releases are transferred from old cassettes, with minor repair and remastering.
   The review below is from Audion 15, page 32, written by Alan Freeman, the manager of Auricle Music.

Peter Tedstone

(Private PT 10) MC: 40m

Ever on to more individual and Innovative realms, Peter Is definitely proving himself as a talent to keep a watchful eye upon. Combining melody and dissonance is Peter's forte these days; rhythmic, melodic and spacious music created in a way one doesn't usually hear. With digital sampling, a most creative medium, most people go for just re-creating other instruments, but not Peter, his library of instruments includes vocal sounds, bells, un-identifiable percussives, all sorts of weird but wonderful effects.
   Unlike his previous release, TEN TO STRANGE shouldn't be too strange for the majority of synth fans, the balance is carefully calculated to be mysterious and haunting at low levels, devastating at loud volumes. A must for all into both synth and adventurous musics.

Peter Tedstone “This album was the last recording from my experimental period which started with the Intereact album. By the time Ten to Strange came out, I had dispensed with melody and any format or structure and the album is a jumble of digital samples, treated voices and percussion.”

Original issue: private MC from Peter Tedstone PT10 © 1989.
CD-R: 20 numbered copies - released /2021.
Bandcamp download - released /2021.

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