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Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie and Internet Advertising Policy effective 23 May 2018


Ultima Thule is run by Alan Freeman and Steve Freeman, based in Leicester, UK.

The business was established as a partnership in June 1989.

Address and contact details can be found on the main menu.

The web site is designed and maintained by Alan Freeman.


Terms of Service

Use of the Ultima Thule site is allowed by anyone that is confident and of legal age. It contains no sensitive material, except the possible opinions of it's author(s) and quoted reviews or publication extracts. You may link to the site from other sites and quote material for promotional purposes, etc. It is, however, illegal to attempt to alter any of the site data.


Privacy Policy, and Cookie and Internet Advertising Policy

The Ultima Thule site is totally html based, with no cookies or scripts that collect any user data. Only plug-ins like those of PayPal, Bandcamp or YouTube (Google) may collect data on behalf of those third parties.

This site is thus compliant with Privacy and Data Protection laws in that it doesn't collect any such data.

Any customer data collected from orders via email or from PayPal will be stored offline and only reused for contacting the customer regarding their order(s) or other communication such as general queries or promotion.

We do not collect any automated digital data or pass any such information to third parties.

Use of third party services linked on this site is governed by the providers of those services.

Use of any related Facebook or Google pages is according to their terms of use.

Use of the site for artist advertising is allowed, as advertising and promoting the site.

No plug-in advertisements are used on the site.


If any other statements are need to comply with Data Protection regulations, please contact the site designer.


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