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Folding Space



available as...
Auricle AMCDR 009 7.00

duration: 73'47"

1. Folding Space 12'46"
Born Of Nil #2 12'22"
Badgboato Water 11'44"
The Same Canamezo Form 12'38"
Yen Spans Ruins 7'00"
Oneiric Ordeal 16'36"

All "comprovisation", performance, recording & mixing by Jim Tetlow.
Recorded at Synapse Studio, Elmesthorpe (July 2000-June 2001).
Mixed at Tachyon Studio (22 July 2001).

Jim Tetlow: voice, processed acoustic feedback, electronic feedback/chambering, halogen light bulb, metal sculpture, tub of water, ceramic bowl & spoon, rubber ball, elastic bands, bowed compact disc.


Wiki says: Oneiromancy (from the Greek Oneiros) is a form of divination based upon dreams; it is a system of dream interpretation that uses dreams to predict the future. Aptly Jim's Oneiromancer is quite dreamlike, yet surreal with it too! For Jim this unique in that features no synthesizers or conventional instruments whatsoever, with hints of the weirder end of Vangelis, onto Bayle, Parmegiani or even Morphogenesis. Expect lots spring and glass tonalities, shudders and reverbs!


Jim's notes...

For some time I had been carrying around the idea of making an electroacoustic album: a collection of pieces whose component sounds would be entirely sourced from microphones (both acoustic and contact mikes) and which would use no conventional instruments, synthesized or otherwise. Until last year (2000) it remained just an idea; however, as my understanding of sound processing gained pace via the explorative environment of Endgame (and also solo experiments) the time came to leave the digital synthesizer, guitar and source tapes alone and concentrate on the microphones. I decided to allow myself one concession: my voice, which would be just another sound to be picked up acoustically.

CD-R - released 2001.
Hosted on Bandcamp by Jim Tetlow.

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