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Accidental Polka - Titan




CD-R Auricle AMCDR 082 deleted
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duration: 60'49"

1. Kartoffel Folket, Nr.1  3'59"
It's A Game We Play  4'02"
Don't Worry  11'14"
Accidental Polka  3'54"
Titan  8'34"
Kartoffel Folket, Nr.2  3'01"
Vulcan  8'30"
Wandering Nomads  15'10"
Kartoffel Folket, Nr.3  2'23"

All material created spontaneously by Triax.
Recorded at Tachyon Studio, Knighton Fields Leicester, 13 February 2006.
A direct digital recording, with mix and reconstruction by Alan Freeman,
14, 21, 22 February 2006.

Alan Freeman: guitar, guitar-synth, keyboards, samples, laptop computer, Irish whistle, bongos, frame-drum, bells, shakers, other percussion, etc.
Steve Freeman: guitar, bass, analogue synths, tapes, loops, prepared sounds, voice, acoustic CD, cymbal, vibra-slap, other percussion, etc.
Dave Powell: violin, hurdy-gurdy, glockenspiel, frame-drum, bells, shakers, other percussion, etc.

The ever changing face of Triax! Adding violin to Dave's repertoire instantly meant a change of focus, and add to that an armoury of percussive instruments and toys, etc., indeed - folk (if you can call it that!) never gets stranger than this!

TRIAX - ALIEN FOLK (Auricle AMCDR 082) CDR 61m
The trio. In most types of music the three piece is (in my opinion) the most creative of line-ups. In the freeform field of “out there improv” even more so. The paradox is that it’s a difficult set-up to work in, but when it does work the results can be almost telepathic for those involved and truly astonishing for the listener.
  Welcome then to the world of Triax. For those of you who are new visitors, hold onto your heads, for those more familiar with the group, well, if you thought the earlier stuff was weird then wait until you hear this one. A track-by-track breakdown then...
The disc opens with a howling miasma between guitar, hand drums and severely treated vocals, no idea what exactly Kartoffel Folket means but it sure is no Sunday afternoon tea party.
  Next up is the very Endgame-like It’s a Game We Play which features the first Tachyon trademark of the disc whereupon our intrepid trio set up a vast background drone and superimpose over the top a minuscule loop of metal .I’m guessing here of course but its kinda like the sound of a wood-louse trapped behind your eyelid, spooky in an infectious way.
  If that wasn’t scary enough there’s the sound of electronic sheep and death rattles on Don’t Worry which starts off normal enough by Triax standards and then takes a turn for the weird with the introduction of a severely treated violin, this really is a new avenue of sound for the group and as such its totally unique. Yet even this cannot prepare you for the wonderful freak-out crescendo where the studio seems to have been invaded by a tribe of spaced-out head-hunters from Papa New Guinea - all welding drums and electric guitars, the fact that they seem to have also been force-fed the entire recordings of the original Amon Duul through a food processor is merely incidental to the chaos which ensues… Hey, lets have a whole disc of this stuff please!!!
  OK, so we had to come back down to earth after that trip and so Accidental Polka is good in a tonal kind of way but perhaps because of what precedes it does little else for me immediately.
  Titan opens in fine industrial style with (I'm guessing) mangled hurdy-gurdy and more of that abused guitar sound, fair enough warning I guess that we are in for a chaotic ride, and once again there’s no disappointments.
  There’s a tribal feel to Kartoffel Folket, Nr. 2 which I would have liked the group to explore even further. I assume that all three parts of “K.F” on the disc were actually part of the same improv. It would be interesting to hear the original recording in its entirety.
  Without let-up it’s straight into the downright weird and abstract world of Vulcan, plenty of headless chickens on this one. To vulcanise is to make something stronger and more elastic. It’s no exaggeration here to say that Triax achieve this very effect with ease, this is an example of three explorers in sound really pushing boundaries.
Dave’s violin is once again put to good use on Wandering Nomads which opens with a barrage of sound and ruptured electricity, something almost La Monte Young like about this one and there’s no let up for nine minutes or so until finally there’s a brief respite of sorts but whichever way you look its still a chaotic nightmare. In the nicest way possible of course!
  That’s it then. Triax Volume eight. Some thoughts to leave you with: All of this was recorded in one epic session, those of you who have any experience at all of working in this field of music will be aware of what an epic achievement that is. Furthermore at least three quarters of it is exploring totally new areas of sound.
Best Triax so far? No question. What comes next will be amazing…
[Peter Smith - Audion #52, page 36]

CD-R - released 6/2006.
Bandcamp download - released 22/9/2014.
Routenote distributed download - released 27/3/2019.

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