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also planned...
Audion French scrapbook

Twilight Of The Alchemists - French music encyclopedia




Twilight Of The Alchemists
Audion French scrapbook



For those that wanted all the French and related content from Audion magazine, here is your dream request answered.


As a companion to our book edition of "Twilight Of The Alchemists", the "Audion French scrapbook" is culled from Audion issues 1 to # (the current issue at the time of compilation).
It is compiled in a rough A-Z format, with artist and label articles first, followed by special features, and an
A-Z reviews section. It all amounts to yet another way of discovering this special scene.


Twilight Of The Alchemists "Audion French scrapbook" will be published as # pdf files totalling # pages, presented as in the original Audion magazine pdf editions, or revised to fit. It is A4 format, black & white with colour elements and printable. All the text is searchable as well.


The pdf will be available at Bandcamp for the crazy price of £# GBP.


Important notes: This publication is for those that don't want to buy all issues of Audion magazine and just want the French and related content in a convenient magazine type format.


"Twilight Of The Alchemists" book funding pre-orders (many thanks to all # of them) will get a free download code of this publication as a bonus.

work in progress!
pdf download
preview video

The YouTube video is a taster of the first draft version.

released ?/?/2024

A4 soft-bound book


Twilight Of The Alchemists

encyclopedia of French progressive rock, experimental, electronic music, etc.
by Steven Freeman & Alan Freeman

From the writers of The Crack In The Cosmic Egg & A Fistful Of Spaghetti

This book project is currently work in progress!
with a planned publication date of October or November 2024



A4 # pages total, sewn perfect binding

internal pages: #

# numbered black & white pages

16 colour picture pages insert

16 black & white picture pages insert




Introduction, including: work in progress, etc.

"Loving Who We Are" by Guigou Chenevier

"Before It All Began" by Jean-Jacques Birge

The French top 100

A short guided tour, including: setting the scene, cities, the # major scenes, family trees, etc.

About the book, including: layout, information, clichés & terminology



1. The French prog scene - # artists

2. New Wave & Industrial - # artists

3. Synthesizer & Ambient - # artists

4. Soundtracks & Library Music - # artists

5. Avant-Garde & Experimental - # artists

6. Folk, Jazz, etc. - # artists

7. Foreigners & Ex-Pats - # artists

8. Everything Else - # artists


9. Other Useful Info, including: producers & engineers, studios, cover art & design, festivals & concerts, various artists / samplers, library & soundtracks, record labels, group / artist index, cross reference index, further reading, acknowledgements


All details indicated: # will be added when completed.


Price: £25-£30 + p&p/shipping estimated

Funding campaign
As soon as we have a front cover ready we will start a funding campaign
You will be able to fund any amount you want, and can pay smaller amounts in instalments.
Payments of £30 or more will guarantee you a numbered and signed edition of the book,
plus a free download code for the Twilight Of The Alchemists: Audion French scrapbook pdf
You will be informed of any needed p&p/shipping charges when the book is imminent.

All details to be announced later.
Example worldwide p&p/shipping prices can be found on the A Fistful Of Spaghetti page.



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The Crack In The Cosmic Egg
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sneak preview...

to be added



taster pdf: TBA



The opening paragraphs in the book...

The book with no name...
Following on the tradition of our other country focused music books: "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg" exploring "Krautrock" and the wider scene from Germany, and the more recently completed "A Fistful Of Spaghetti" covering the amazing Italian "Spaghetti-Rock" scene, this book had been germinating as long as the latter, with the basic structure and discographies largely completed decades ago. Finally publishing "A Fistful Of Spaghetti" gave us the impetus to now work on this book, although what do we call it? All the clichéd nicknames for French people and culture that we love were naturally a "no go". So, no frogs legs or snail puns. To be in the context of our other books, it would have to be an English language title. Putting out a request for ideas on our Facebook groups yielded no useful results, or none better than my first idea "Strands of the Future" taken from the second Pulsar album, but eventually I came up with a snazzy title "Twilight of the Alchemists" a translation of the wonderful "Le Crépuscule Des Alchimistes" that ends side 1 of the Maajun album. Iconic in itself, it also sums-up the spirit of the French scene.
    As with our other books, this is the first English language publication that covers all aspects of progressive and experimental music from France, not only dealing with all the important artists of the scene from the 1950 through to the present, but all the lesser ones we deem worthy as well! There have, of course, been other books printed on the subject. The only one to date with English language content was "La Discographie du Rock Français" by Francis Grosse & Bernard Gueffier published in the 1980s, which only covered the prog related scene up to that point, not including any of the electronic, experimental, avant-garde or other aspects of the scene that we also like to cover, and it only had brief reviews of most artists. Over twice as much is now known of the French rock scene from that era. So, that is now quite out of date, and most other books only deal with certain factions of the French scene, and they are all in French! So, in the spirit of our previous books "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg" (German music) and "A Fistful Of Spaghetti" (Italian music) you'll find much more than rock genres, or other prog, folk and synth musics here, and we'll help you delve into the underground, the origins, and associated realms of unclassifiable music..

Artist listings...

The main FRENCH PROG SCENE section (# artists)

NEW WAVE & INDUSTRIAL section (# artists)

SYNTHESIZER & AMBIENT section (# artists)

SOUNDTRACKS & LIBRARY MUSIC section (# artists)

AVANT-GARDE & EXPERIMENTAL section (# artists)

FOREIGNERS & EX-PATS section (# artists)

EVERYTHING ELSE section (# artists)

Producers & Engineers (#): TBA
Studios: TBA
Cover Art & Design: TBA
Festivals & Concerts: TBA
Various Artists / Samplers: TBA
Record labels: TBA
(and sundry other useful bits of information, indexes, publications, etc.)



Join the Facebook group French Progressive & Underground group to keep up on developments, share info and chat about French music, and help share the news about the book!



This panel will show reviews.