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The Zircon Game - Fire Lane, artwork by Alan Freeman

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Fire Lane (session)
Shopping For A Piece Of Mind
Radiograde Imports For...



Auricle AMCDR 055 75'52" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. You Cannot Play The Magic Chip / Cough Mixture 8'10"
2. Shopping For A Piece Of Mind 16'10"
3. Confrontation Towards A Perilous Sky 8'20"
4. Trippin' Thru' My Musical Box 12'45"
5. Radiograde Imports For Another Reality 14'20"
6. Chance Encounter Of A Boiled Egg With A Cabbage Leaf Bag 15'50"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio, Leicester, August 2004
Session 1 (15 August) tracks: 1, 3, 4, 6, Session 2 (16 August) tracks: 2, 5.

Nigel Harris: prepared sounds, Mac laptop computer.
Jim Tetlow: keyboard, sound canvas, tapes, samples, voice, radio, gadgets.
Alan Freeman: guitar & synths, live sounds, loops, voice.
Steve Freeman: gadgets, loops, bass, guitar, synths, voice.

This disc is the complete 2004 sessions of the hybrid Zircon & The Burning Brains meets Endgame sessions, part of Nigel Harris' brief sojourn/holiday back in England after 10 years living in Japan. Along with recording ZBB's "Occidental Encounter" - which was the plan - Jim turned up armed and ready, buzzing with ideas in his head! An impromptu and unplanned 6 jams, recorded direct to digital, that were amazingly successful and unique (hardly any remixing was needed), to which Nigel commented "What type of monster have we unleashed?" - a fire breathing one it seems!

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/12/2004.

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