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Catalogue # 203 (November-December 2023), online version

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How do I order?
Most Ultima Thule releases can now be purchased via PayPal at Bandcamp or Discogs. You can also order or pay by other methods.
As it's not practical to add shopping cart to everything on the UT catalogue, instead copy text from the listing and paste it into an email.
Ask to reserve, pay by registered credit/debit card: utle1uk@btconnect.com or request a PayPal invoice: utle2uk@btconnect.com
You can also phone 0116 2702354, or message Alan Freeman on Facebook, chat at ultimthulemusic or order via Discogs
See: mail-order for more detailed info, p&p rates, etc.


Important: to check if items are currently in-stock, click on the Discogs link above and use the search box


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ALTO STRATUS - CATHARSIS (Auricle AMC 049) MC 5.00 - (Auricle AMC 049: promo) MC 2.50 - The return of Alto Stratus, over a decade after "The Ritual" & full of creative daring & invention.

ANOTHER HEADACHE - STILL NOTHING DEFINITE (SPH103) MC 6.00 5.00 - Reissue of a 1992 cassette with 3 bonus tracks that ranges from experimental synth, through to material hinting at Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Konstruktivits, etc. 1992. See Audion #66, page 38.

CON-HERTZ - CONTRASTS (Auricle AMC 028) 2MC 15.00 - Conrad Schnitzler + Wolfgang Hertz = Con-Hertz! December 1986-January 1987 recordings, a varied collection ranging from complex neo-classical music onto totally abstract soundscapes. 200 copy limited edition. P&P = 3 units! Note: the cassette blanks used for the final few copies were high quality Maxell XL II tapes (as stocks of the old unbranded tapes ran out). VERY LAST COPY!

CHRIS CONWAY, MARY BROWNE, SUDHA KHETERPAL - SOUNDTRACKS (TRG Music 015) MC m/ex+ 10.00 - Chris Conway's instrumental film music is a lighter angle on The Rain Garden sound, with hints of Terry Riley, folk & ethnic musics. 1993.

COURTYARD MOTH - ALIVE 'N' GIGGING + (Auricle AMC 045: RE) MC 9.00 - Leicester progressive band (sadly defunct), 75 minutes live at their most inventive & daring. The heavy psychedelic progressive sound of the late-1960's/early-1970's revitalised with amazing energy.

ENDGAME - STRETCHED ACROSS THE SEA (Auricle AMC 046) MC 5.00 - Steve & Alan Freeman (aka Alto Stratus, etc.) with Jim Tetlow. Debut release, this ranges from Lightwave meets Schnitzler with Stockhausen at the mixing desk onto musique-concrete/electroacoustic. Refound copies!

ENDGAME - EARLY STASIS (Auricle AMC 047) MC 5.00 - Vast & dark cosmic expanses featuring the very first session from July 1999 & some of the deepest synth expanses close to Lightwave.

ENDGAME - TREPPENHAUS (Auricle AMC 048) MC 5.00 - Dedicated to M.C. Escher, this is the most visionary picture music from Endgame, in the realms of early Michael Stearns.

MOORE/MYERS - REACHING BEYOND THE SPHERE (Auricle AMC 026) MC 9.00 - Amazingly fiery instrumental progressive rock duo (Ken Moore & David Wayne Myers), with all the right moves: Camel, Egg, ELP, Finch, King Crimson, Shylock similarities. 1987.

MUTANT BEATNIKS - INVISIBLE (Personal Soundtracks PST014) MC m/m 6.00 5.00 - Project of Shaun Robert. Numbered limited edition of 50 copies, includes download code. 2022.

PSYDEBOARD - PSYDEBOARD (demo) MC EP m/m 9.00 - 10 minute demo from ex-Cardboard (yet another defunct Leicester rock band). They never released anything else as far as we know.

THE RAIN GARDEN - BACK OF BEYOND (TRG Music TRG 002) MC ex+/ex+ 18.00 - 2nd album ( 1989) from the Leicester duo of Chris Conway (guitar, keyboards, etc) & Carl Peberdey (sitar, percussion, etc). Innovative instrumental ethnic-fusion/world music.


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Note: Cassette stocks are now dwindling / running out, and many are very rare nowadays, so grab them before they disappear!
We've been selling quite a few via Discogs Marketplace recently, to the USA and continental Europe, so some stocks will be gone soon!
Many of the Auricle releases are exclusives and some are now down to the last few. And, you can't go wrong at a fiver or so, can you?

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