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Catalogue # 191 (November-December 2021), online version


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AGITATION FREE - MALESCH (HiD MIG 00731 LP) LP £18.00 - A masterpiece of ethnic-spiced, electronic, space cosmic & raga rock tripping! Well, maybe? © 1972.

AGITATION FREE - AT LAST... AGITATION FREE IS ALIVE (Pupil Tilip No. 1) LP m/ex+ £50.00 - Rare bootleg LP with Ho Chi Minh cover, #98/300. Live on WDR II Radio (2/2/1974), this is definitive "2nd" material.

AGITATION FREE - FRAGMENTS (MIG 01083 LP: mintgreen vinyl) LP £21.00 - Classic Agitation Free reunion live & session from 1974. Includes the only known documents featuring Chris Franke & Micky Duwe with the band!

AGITATION FREE - LIVE '74: AT THE CLIFFS OF RIVER RHINE (MIG 02181: 1xBT) LP £19.00 - Live on WDR Radio (February 1974), aka "At Last... Agitation Free Is Alive" on bootleg LP. This is definitive "2nd" material plus the unique "Through The Moods". Superb quality!

#  AGUSA - EN ANNAN VÄRLD (Kommun 2 KOMMUN2-59: GF) LP £26.00 - Another excellent album by this current Swedish band, this time as two long suites. © 2021. Black vinyl limited edition.

AMON DÜÜL II - TANZ DER LEMMINGE (SPV 304201 2LP: GF) 2LP £27.00 - Aka "Dance Of The Lemmings" & the one that's so schizophrenic & twisted, on to deep space with the instrumental 2nd LP, with ethnic psych moving towards Cosmic Jokers territory. © 1971.

AMON DÜÜL II - WOLF CITY (SPV 305371 2LP: GF) 2LP £27.00 - Their surprisingly varied 5th album (© 1972), fresh & highly inventive with much more of Renate Knaup's uniquely styled vocals. This replicates the Revisited Rec. CD version, including bonus tracks: "Kindermörderlied", "Mystic Blutsturz" & "Düülirium".

AMON DÜÜL II - LIVE IN LONDON (SPV 305361 LP) LP £22.00 - Live at The Greyhound, Croydon (16/12/1972), featuring radically different versions of classic tracks & a 3'42" improvisation.

ÅKE ANDERSSON & ANTERO HONKANEN - REIDARIN SÄHKÖISET KUVAT (Svart SRE129) LP £21.00 - Reissue of the mega-rare Love Records release. Fascinating, esoteric electronics from Finland, vaguely Ralph Lundsten like. © 1977.

JORGE ANTUNES - MUSICA ELETRÔNICA (Mental Experience MENT007) LP £15.00 - Brazilian electroacoustic music composer. Reissue of his 1975 LP release of 1962-70 recordings.

ARSENAL - 6 (Melodia C60 31575 005) LP m/vg+ £8.00 - One of their best, with hints of Passport, "Guitar" Zappa, Nucleus, Mahavishnu Orchestra, etc.

BABLICON - THE ORANGE TAPERED MOON (Pickled Egg EGG 20: 220g vinyl,GF) LP new/vg+ £12.00 - Recorded in a Chicago underground bunker, it often sounds like early Soft Machine meeting Henry Cow, with a bit of that radical Volcano The Bear type of thing. P&P = 7 units.

LUCIANO BASSO - VOCI (AMS LP 04: 180g vinyl) LP £13.00 - Excellent instrumental Italian progressive, with Catharsis, Banco, Semiramis touches. © 1976. Special purchase!

BIRGÉ GORGÉ - AVANT TOUTE (Souffle Continu FFL014) LP £18.00 - Stunning experimental guitar & electronics, early unreleased archives by pre-Birge Gorge Shiroc. © 2015.

BIRTH CONTROL - HOODOO MAN (Music On Vinyl MOVLP1523: 180g vinyl,GF) LP £24.00 - Classic heavy experimental progressive. Outrageous cover! © 1972. P&P = 7 units.

BIRTH CONTROL - BACKDOOR POSSIBILITIES + FIGURE OUT THE WEATHER (Boutique BOU 6612: GF) 2LP £19.00 - Their ambitious 1976 concept, beyond their normal heavier realms, towards Gentle Giant, etc., plus a bonus LP titled "Figure Out The Weather" comprised of previously unreleased jam sessions from 1976 & 1982.

TIM BLAKE - CRYSTAL MACHINE (Culture Factory 783 191: translucent blue vinyl) LP £27.00 - Legendary synth/space-music album by "Hi T Moonweed". © 1977.

TIM BLAKE - BLAKE'S NEW JERUSALEM (Barclay CLAY 7005) LP ex+/g £15.00 - Synth & space-songs with Gong style, includes "Lighthouse". His 2nd solo, © 1978.

IAN BODDY - PHOENIX (Something Else SER 001) LP new/ex £15.00 - One of the UK's top synthesists. On this much more energetic synth LP Ian ventured towards Mark Shreeve realms. © 1986.

BOX - STUDIO 1 (Rune Grammofon RLP 3070) LP £9.00 - Scandinavian based international fusion supersession, with Raoul Björkenheim (Krakatau), Ståle Storløkken (Elephant9), Morgan Ågren (Mats/Morgan, Simon Steensland's Kamikaze United). © 2008. Limited edition of 500 copies.

BRAINTICKET - COTTONWOODHILL (Lilith LR313: 180g vinyl,GF) LP+CD £16.00 - Widely acclaimed as the ultimate psychedelic experience, this album features a vivid recantation of a LSD trip over a hypnotic organ riffing rock base, topped off by savagely executed sound effects. © 1971. The CD contains the same tracks as the LP. P&P = 7 units.

PETER BRYNGELSSON - VIA (Slask SLALP 001: IN) LP ex+/ex £14.00 - 1990 debut solo from former Ragnarok & Triangulus member, in similar vein but with more World music & fusion influences.

BURNIN RED IVANHOE - BURNIN RED IVANHOE (Long Hair LHC236) LP £18.00 - Danish complex fusion-rock-progressive with English vocals, pre-Secret Oyster.

CAMPO DI MARTE - CAMPO DI MARTE (AMS Records AMSLP01: IN) LP £22.00 - Legendary 1973 Italian progressive in classic Semiramis/Il Balletto Di Bronzo "Ys" vein.

CAN - TAGO MAGO (Spoon XSPOON6/7_UK: RM) 2LP £22.00 - Can's ultimate classic! Starting intensively mantric, this gets weirder & weirder, radical to the extreme. Great too! © 1971. Both copies have download code.

CAN - SOON OVER BABALUMA (Spoon XSPOON10_UK) LP £19.00 - Furiously & heavily percussive, kinda tribal industrial head music, mostly instrumental & very energetic. © 1974.

CAN - LANDED (Spoon XSPOON25_UK) LP £19.00 - Featuring their most esoteric & brooding opus, the aptly entitled free-form avant-garde "Unfinished"! © 1975.

CAN - UNLIMITED EDITION (Spoon XSPOON23/24: RM,GF) 2LP £22.00 - Archive recordings (1970-75), featuring "Limited Edition" LP plus an LP of previously unreleased material. With complete version of "Cutaway". Incl. free Download Code.

CAN - LIVE IN STUTTGART 1975 (Spoon SPOON63: GF,) 3LP £32.00 - Limited edition on orange vinyl, triple fold-out sleeve. Live in Stuttgart, Germany (31/10/1975). P&P = 12 units.

CHECKPOINT CHARLIE - CHECKPOINT CHARLIE (Schneeball 2019: IN,RE) LP £13.00 - Aka "Die Durchsichtige" or "The Clear LP". Their 3rd album (© 1980) of political rock in German, betwixt Floh De Cologne & Ton Steine Scherben. The 1999 reissue on milky/clear heavy duty vinyl.

MIKHAIL CHEKALIN - BOARDER STATE (Melodia C90 31377 004) LP m/m £15.00 - With elements of Peter Frohmader/Asmus Tietchens' electro-experimental rock. © 1991.

MIKHAIL CHEKALIN - INTRODUCTION INTO INTUITION (Melodia C90 31681 003) LP m/m £15.00 - Intuitive improvisations with electronic keyboards, rhythm computers, etc. Not at all what you'd expect!

MIKHAIL CHEKALIN - CONCERTO GROSSO - II (Melodia C90 30669 004) LP ex+/ex £15.00, ex+/vg+ £9.00 - A step on from Frohmader's darker synth world towards the spooky regions of Schulze/Grosser's "Babel".

CHÊNE NOIR - ORPHÉE 2000 (Heavenly Sweetness HS150VL) LP £19.00 - Wonderful French cosmic theatrical prog with female vocals. © 1976.

CHERRY FIVE - CHERRY FIVE (AMS Records AMS LP 14: GF) LP £22.00 - Legendary complex Italian progressive with Goblin musicians, English vocals & powerful style. © 1975. P&P = 7 units.

#  CICCADA - HARVEST (Sound Effect Records SER099) LP £24.00 - Wonderful third album by this leading Greek progressive, with an unusual mixture of styles blending Scandinavian & Canterbury elements, plus a little bit of Gentle Giant given a unique touch by female vocalists. © 2021. Limited edition black vinyl version.

CIRCLES - CIRCLES (Mental Experience MENT001) LP £16.00 - Experimental German duo of the early-1980s. Their debut was an electronics & guitar mix of spacey & motorik Krautrock. © 1983.

CIRCLES - MORE CIRCLES (Mental Experience MENT002) LP £16.00 - 2nd LP, in the vein of Cluster, Harmonia, Fripp & Eno, Camera Obscura, etc. Synths, guitars, etc. © 1984.

CLEARLIGHT - SYMPHONY (LMLR 783 190: opaque pink vinyl) LP £27.00 - Classic supersession project from 1975 with Gong (Tim Blake, Steve Hillage, Didier Malherbe) & Lard Free (Gilbert Artman) members, led by keyboard player Cyrille Verdeaux. 2 big symphonic prog space-rock instrumentals.

CLUSTER - CLUSTER 71 (Bureau B BB 058: RM,RE) LP £20.00 - The original Cluster (originally on Philips © 1971), fantastic industrial cosmic music! Unlike the Sky issue this has the original cover! New lower price.

COLLEGIUM MUSICUM - MARIAN VARGA & COLLEGIUM MUSICUM (Opus 9116 0446: RE) LP vg/vg £7.00 - Also an instrumental live set, this time by a quartet with guitar. © 1976.

THE COSMIC JOKERS - GALACTIC SUPERMARKET (Die Kosmischen Kuriere KM 58.008.6) LP £25.00 - 2nd LP (© 1974) from the Ash Ra Tempel/Wallenstein supergroup, & another cosmic classic! Brand new "back to the master tape" reissue.

ROGER DOYLE - OIZZO NO (Cacophonic 24CACKLP) LP £20.00 - First ever vinyl reissue of this classic piece of unclassifiable Irish avant-garde. A must for Nurse With Wound fans being the roots of the Operating Theatre project issued on United Dairies. 60's & early 70's works.

ELEPHANT9 - GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (Rune Grammofon RLP3198) LP £15.00 - "their fifth studio album", more high energy keyboard driven instrumentals, this time with some shorter more varied moods, nice Mellotron too. © 2018.

#  EMBRYO - OPAL (Ohr OMM 56006-2: RM,GF) LP £25.00 - Classic pioneering fusion (ex-Amon Düül II), breaking out of the psychedelic, blues, jazz & rock, & making something radical & new.

EMBRYO - LA BLAMA SPAROZZI (Schneeball 1028/830281: GF) 2LP £32.00 - Documenting Embryo's adventures in North Africa. 2 very different LP's, one of lop-sided ethno-punk experiments, the other with more traditional world music concoctions. © 1982. P&P = 8 units.

EMTIDI - SAAT (Pilz 20 29077-6: GF) LP £27.00 - Not really a folk album, nor exactly cosmic rock, but a rare unique music transcending both genres, with the superb Dolly Holmes. Also features Dieter Dierks on percussion, bass & Mellotron. Originally released on Pilz in 1972.

ERLKOENIG - ERLKOENIG (Long Hair LHC188) LP £18.00 - A 1973 private pressing rarity, a little towards bands like Murphy Blend, Hanuman & more folky/classical spiced German underground. This is a mellow haunting gem with lots of unique touches.

F.A.T. - ANIMAL (Poutrage/GED/L'étourneur/Atypeek Music/Be Coq) MLP £15.00 - 21½ minutes of excellent 2016 French experimental rock.

FAUST - THE FAUST TAPES (Virgin VC 501) LP ex+/vg+ £26.00 - Archive material (originally released in 1973 at the price of a single!), rock & avant-garde invention of high Krautrock calibre.

FLOH DE COLOGNE - FLEISSBANDBABYS BEAT-SHOW (ZYX OHR 70042-1: GF) LP £14.00 - Their 1970 Ohr classic! Devishly satirical & outrageous. The ultimate Kraut beat show!

FLOH DE COLOGNE - ROCKOPER PROFITGEIER (ZYX OHR 70011-1) LP £14.00 - © 1971, originally on Ohr, & a strange psychedelic polit-rock opera! Definitive Floh De Cologne with a complex concept booklet featuring all the lyrics, but no giblets!

FLOH DE COLOGNE - GEYER-SYMPHONIE (ZYX OHR 70009-1) LP £14.00 - Weirdest & best album from this pioneering polit-rock band. Strange, dark, theatrical & oh so eccentic! © 1974.

GOBLIN - PROFONDO ROSSO (AMS Records LP 10: GF,RE) LP £22.00 - Classic debut by Goblin, soundtrack to the Dario Argento film (aka "Deep Red") starring David Hemmings. P&P = 7 units.

GROUP 1850 - PARADISE NOW (Hotspot 6812 136) LP vg+/nc £20.00 - Incredible trippy 2nd LP (© 1969) that continues the Agemo story, but more out-there! Comparable to spacey Amon Duul II, trippy Pink Floyd & Second Hand, with a swirly huge deep sound.

GROUP 1850 - POLYANDRI (Rubber RR 1851) LP vg/vg £100.00 - Their space-rock classic (© 1975). Very rare original package in plastic bag/sleeve, fold-out inner cover & insert.

#  GROVJOBB - LANDET LEVERPASTEJ (Musicbazz zz004: IN) LP £17.00 - Swedish cross-genre folk proggers, akin to Flasket Brinner, Kebnekajse, etc. Debut from 1998. Transparent yellow vinyl limited edition.

#  GROVJOBB - VÄTTARNAS FEST (Musicbazz zz005: IN) LP £17.00 - Their 2nd album & another classic. © 2000. Transparent red vinyl limited edition.

GURU GURU - UFO (ZYX OHR 70014-1: GF) LP £14.00 - Their 1970 debut was an incredible Krautrock freak-out space-music trip, way beyond Pink Floyd. The pure, ecstatic demented acid-rock trip, a guitar freaks delight!

GURU GURU - HINTEN (ZYX OHR 70015-1) LP £14.00 - 2nd album, & another classic slab of acid-space-rock, a guitar freaks delight! © 1971.

GURU GURU - ESSEN 1970 (Mondo Svart SRE404) LP £25.00 - Amazing live at the Essener Songtage Festival. Good sound & really freaky! Neumeier/Trepte/Genrich line-up. © 2002.

JUKKA HAURU - EPISODE (Svart SRE050: orange vinyl) LP £19.50 - More varied album than "Information", but still typically Scandinavian fusion of the 1970s. With most of Wigwam. © 1974.

HELDON - ELECTRONIQUE GUERILLA (Bureau B BB 280) LP £20.00 - The legendary Heldon debut from 1974. This features a Schizo track together with solo guitar & AKS Synthi works by Richard Pinhas, plus a track in collaboration with guitarist Alain Renaud.

HELDON - ALLEZ-TEIA (Bureau B BB 281) LP £20.00 - Aka "Heldon II", the duo of Richard Pinhas & Georges Grunblatt in a largely moody frame of mind, with Frippian guitar tones, lots of Mellotron & electronics.

HELDON - THIRD, IT'S ALWAYS ROCK 'N' ROLL (Bureau B BB 282: GF) 2LP £28.00 - Extravagant double album that crosses Fripp & Eno with space-rock & psychedelic! Richard Pinhas with guests: Gilbert Artman, Georges Grunblatt, Patrick Gauthier, Jean-My Truong & Ariel Kalma. © 1975.

HELDON - AGNETA NILSSON (Bureau B BB 283) LP £20.00 - "Heldon 4" (© 1976), transitional Heldon, with a bigger more powerful sound: Mellotron, synths, Frippian guitars galore!

HELDON - UN REVE SANS CONSEQUENCE SPECIALE (Bureau B BB 329) LP £20.00 - "Heldon 5", superb electronic rock as only the French have made. © 1976.

HELDON - STAND BY (Bureau B BB 331) LP £20.00 - The ultimate power synth-rock opus - amazing! King Crimson trip into hyperspace! © 1979.

HELDON - THE ELECTRONIC GUERILLAS (Bootleg: IN) LP m/ex+ £100.00 - This is the Richard Pinhas & Alain Renaud line-up live in Paris (26/5/75). It also contains a 2'08" studio track circa 1982. Copy #90/100.

PIERRE HENRY - MALEFICES (Cacophonic 6CACKLP) LP £16.00 - Side A contains the "Malefices" soundtrack (released as a 7" EP in 1962), side B contains 4 tracks (3 of them previously unreleased?). 2013 compilation.

HERO - HERO (AMS LP 57: 1xBT,180g vinyl) LP £22.00 - Italian prog band based in Germany, in the spirit of Museo Rosenbach, but with shorter tracks, English vocals, hints of German bands like Metropolis. © 1974.

HOOFFOOT - THE LIGHTS IN THE AISLE WILL GUIDE YOU (Paura Di Niente PDN002) LP £22.00 - Great new Swedish supergroup. Their excellent 2nd album with only two members continuing from the debut, & four slight diversions in style, Elephant9 touches again, plus Jukka Tolonen & Canterbury stylisms. © 2019.

MICHEL HUYGEN - BARCELONA 1992 (Thunderbolt THBL 056) LP new/ex+ £9.00, new/vg+ £8.00 - © 1986. TV movie soundtrack from Neuronium leader.

JOY UNLIMITED - SCHMETTERLINGE (Garden of Delights LP 021: GF) LP £20.00 - Ambitious conceptual rock ballad suite that runs from spacious jazz (hints of Xhol & Out Of Focus), via psych onto a wild tongue-in-cheek raunchy blues, etc. Originally on the Pilz label, © 1971. 1000 copy numbered edition with 16-page LP-sized booklet. P&P = 7 units.

KAIAMBÁ - MADE IN BRAZIL (New Music - Green Tree GTR 148-1) LP £14.00 - Excellent little-known album by this Brazilian trippy psychedelic band with Gong connections. Recorded in 2006, released in 2014.

KARABA - SCHWESTER MONDREAL (Klangschutz Schallplatten: GF) LP £20.00 - Great second album by the trippy Munich fusion band (features Embryo's Marja Burchard on one track). © 2018.

KARABA - LIVE IN VIENNA (Adansonia Records AR 039) LP £23.00 - Excellent live in Vienna, Austria (15/11/2019). Includes 2 non-LP tracks. Numbered edition of 240 copies. © 2020.

KARABA - PHEREMON CRUMBLE WAX (Kryptox KRY017) LP £23.00 - Very limited supply of this excellent third studio album from Munich's current Krautrock prog/fusion leaders, on top form, & with far more in the way of sizzling guitar on this one.

KLUSTER - KLOPFZEICHEN (Bureau B BB 110: 180g vinyl) LP £20.00 - Trio of Schnitzler/Moebius/Roedelius. Their 1971 debut of fantastic dark avant-garde Krautrock.

KLUSTER - ZWEI OSTEREI (Bureau B BB 111: RE) LP £20.00 - Manic echo avant-garde industrial krautrock, pre-Cluster with Konrad Schnitzler. 2nd LP, also from 1971.

KOMINTERN - LE BAL POUR RAT MORT (Replica RPC035: 180g vinyl) LP £16.00 - Legendary & excellent French progressive band interconnected with Red Noise, with hints of Frank Zappa, Mahjun, Gong, East Of Eden, etc. The original release was on Harvest, © 1971.

KROKODIL - SWEAT AND SWIM (Bacillus 9861015: GF) 2LP £32.00 - Acclaimed as the Swiss answer to Man, with elements of Groundhogs & Nektar, in a bluesy spiced rock music. © 1973.

LAUGHING HANDS - DOG PHOTOS (B.F.E Records B​F​E​ 059) LP £22.00 - 2nd album (© 1991) from Australian industrial experimental outfit, with Paul Schütze before he went solo. Think abstract Throbbing Gristle, Dome, Brian Eno, etc.

MELODIC ENERGY COMMISSION - MIGRATION OF THE SNAILS (Telephone Explosion TER051) LP £12.00 - Classic Canadian 1980 psychedelic album with Gong like touches & ex-members of Hawkwind.

MESSAGE - FROM BOOKS AND DREAMS (Bacillus 9860612: GF) LP £24.00 - Some of the heaviest Krautrock psychedelia, beyond Gravy Train or Raw Material. A killer! © 1973.

MISSUS BEASTLY - MISSUS BEASTLY (Garden of Delights LP 012: GF) LP £20.00 - Strangely off-key, out-on-a-limb, jazz/bluesy psych sounds, kinda Hendrix gone Kraut meets Embryo & Dauner. Very dated, but nicely so! © 1970. 1000 copy numbered edition with 4-page LP-sized booklet. Aka "Nara Asst Incense".

MISSUS BEASTLY - MISSUS BEASTLY (Garden of Delights LP 017: 1xBT) LP £20.00 - Top rate 1974 Kraut jazz-fusion. 2nd album, kinda early Passport meets Embryo & Niagara, & totally riddled with solos. 1000 copy numbered edition with 8-page LP-sized booklet.

MISSUS BEASTLY - SPACE GUERILLA (Schneeball 00011: GF) LP ex+/ex £45.00 - Last album from the 1970s by this Kraut-fusion band related to Embryo. © 1978.

MISSUS BEASTLY - BREMEN 1974 (Garden of Delights LP 018) LP £20.00 - Excellent quality live, with unique line-up featuring Eddy Marron from Dzyan! Just 3 big tracks - all unique! 1000 copy numbered edition with 8-page LP-sized booklet.

MOEBIUS & PLANK - RASTAKRAUT PASTA (Bureau B BB048: RE) LP £20.00 - Take the Cluster, Neu!, Kraftwerk type sound & mix in a bit of dub, reggae & other things. Unique! © 1980.

MOEBIUS & PLANK - MATERIAL (Bureau B BB049: RE) LP £20.00 - This ventures to rockier realms, sometimes close to Heldon. © 1981.

THE MOTHMEN - PAY ATTENTION! (On-U Sounds LP 2) LP ex+/vg+ £50.00 - The Mothmen's debut (© 1981) is a rare UK Krautrocky classic, with Can, Metabolist, & very cleverly twisted funk/dub ala Public Image Ltd. or Suns Of Arqua.

NICK MOTT - ALMOST ENTIRELY OF NERVES AND BLOOD (Lumberton Trading Company LUMB006) 7" m/m £10.00 - Former member of Volcano The Bear. Numbered limited edition (this is copy 93/100) 1-sided single plus art print. P&P = 3 units.

MOVING GELATINE PLATES - MOVING GELATINE PLATES (Replica RPC011: 180g vinyl,GF) LP £16.00 - Legendary French progressive fusion mix roughly like a French twist on the Canterbury: Egg/Soft Machine/Caravan styles. Their debut circa 1970. P&P = 7 units.

FRITZ MÜLLER ROCK - KOMMT (Roth-Handle 6.23159) LP ex/ex £20.00 - Aka Eberhard Kranemann (early Kraftwerk member). Very much a mixed bag, with heavy psychedelic sounds, hints of new-wave, rock satire & Zappa-like madness. © 1977.

MURPLE - IO SONO MURPLE (AMS Records AMSLP44: GF) LP £22.00 - Dreamy Italian progressive classic, otherworldly & delicate, with Italian lyrics, lots of keyboards/synths/guitars. © 1974.

NASCITA DELLA SFERA - PER UNA SCULTURA DI CESCHIA (AMS AMSLP06: GF,IN,180g vinyl) LP £13.00 - Important note: this new copy has what looks like a scratch from edge to centre on one side - but it plays fine! Italian avant-garde experimental album from 1978, that features keyboards, guitars, & a wealth of sonic collage/sound effects. Unclassifiable & diverse in the extreme! P&P = 7 units.

NEKTAR - A TAB IN THE OCEAN (Long Hair LHC113: GF) LP £17.00 - 2nd album (© 1972), more ecologically based concept this time, with long tracks featuring lots of instrumental breaks & power-drives.

THE NEW BLOCKADERS/PUTREFIER - SCHLEIFMITTELBÖGEN (Birthbiter 09) LP m/m £12.00 - My notes "Sounds like someone's put a microphone in a cement mixer on a building site, along with glass, bricks & metal, all recorded with shrill intensity". Your personal experience may differ! © 2007.

CZESLAW NIEMEN - NIEMEN, VOL. 2 (Muza SXL 0896: blue labels) LP vg-ex+/vg £16.00 - Less experimental companion to above, still with SBB though. © 1973.

NINE DAYS WONDER - NINE DAYS WONDER (Bacillus 9861916: RM) LP £24.00 - These were totally out & radical Krautrock fusion, complex, eccentric, beyond Message! Lots of complex changes, rock & jazz schizopheria akin to classic Zappa. Their 1971 debut. With Hipgnosis cover design, pressed on 180g green vinyl.

NURSE WITH WOUND - TO THE QUIET MEN FROM A TINY GIRL (United Dirter DPROMLP152: yellow vinyl) LP £20.00 - LP #2, with guest Jac Berrocal.

ODE TO MARILYN - ODE TO MARILYN (Svart SRE130) LP £21.00 - Reissue of the mega-rare Scandia Records release from 1973, inc. Antero Honkanen, Edward Vesala, etc. Percussion, instruments & electronics, recorded underground! © 1974.

MIKE OLDFIELD - TUBULAR BELLS (Virgin V2001: 2nd pressing) LP ex/ex+ £6.00 - The Mike Oldfield classic! With guests: Viv Stanshall, Jon Field, Lindsay Cooper, etc. © 1973.

MIKE OLDFIELD - OMMADAWN (Virgin V2043: IN) LP ex/ex £5.00 - © 1975.

OSANNA - L'UOMO (Fonit Cetra LPP 440: GF) LP ex+/vg £15.00 - 1971 debut, complex heavy & jazzy edged progressive with flutes & guitars to the fore, Italian & English vocals, akin to New Trolls. 1991 "Limited Edition by Vinylmagic".

#  OUR SOLAR SYSTEM - VÄRLDSLIGA BEKYMMER (Kommun 2 Kommun2-40/Svensk Psych Aften SPA-007) LP £21.00 - "Bigband freeform psychedelic folk-doom dream-beat" - to quote their Facebook page! 4th album? Credited as Vårt Solsystem. Black vinyl limited edition.

PARZIVAL - LEGEND (Sireena 4007: 180g vinyl,GF) LP £22.00 - Classic German folk/prog & Krautrock mixture featuring Conny Plank. © 1971.

PELL MELL - MARBURG (Bacillus 9922815) LP £24.00 - Early German progressive with a strong classical edge. © 1972. Apparently on 180g red vinyl, but not willing to check!

PELL MELL - FROM THE NEW WORLD (Long Hair LHC121) LP £17.00 - 2nd album, much more symphonic prog styled, with strong arrangements & classic adaptations. © 1973.

RICHARD PINHAS - RHIZOSPHERE (Bureau B BB 279) LP £20.00 - Richard's solo debut (© 1977) is like Heldon "Interface" but without guitar, instead a real heavy dose of synths!

RICHARD PINHAS - L'ETHIQUE (Bureau B BB 293) LP £19.00 - Pinhas' ultimate album featuring the mighty "Dedicated to K.C.". © 1982.

PULSAR - BIENVENUE AU CONSEIL D'ADMINISTRATION (Musea FGBG 2020: IN) LP £12.00 - A very different ballet performance soundtrack, with different Pink Floyd angles (a bit of "Animals" era sound), punky Arachnoid edges. Excellent & full of surprises. © 1981.

QUAD - QUAD (Sulatron st1704) LP £15.00 - Limited stocks of this totally tripped-out instrumental album from Gary Ramon of Sun Dial with guitars, sitar, electronics, drums, etc. © 1997.

RING VAN MÖBIUS - PAST THE EVENING SUN (Apollon Records Prog ARP011LP: GF) LP £20.00 - Excellent prog from Norway with long tracks, great English vocals, lots of Mellotron, etc. © 2018. Limited edition version on gold marble vinyl.

RING VAN MÖBIUS - THE 3RD MAJESTY (Apollon Records: PROG ARP040LP) LP £22.00 - 2nd album by this new Norwegian prog band, & a surprising one that takes a new diversion to more classical rock realms, with hints of ELP, Italian 70s prog, etc., but still with the same basic complex & largely instrumental style.

RITMIA - FORSE IL MARE (Robi Droli RD 003) LP ex/ex £26.00 - 1986 Italian cross-culture folk/ethnic mix, 4 long tracks towards Canzionere Del Lazio.

SHAUN ROBERT - ATAVIST / ENVELOP (Institute For Alien Research IFAR001) 7" £2.50 - A bizarre lengthy single of sonic art construction, it reminds me of some Asmus Tietchens, freeform HNAS & that weirdo File Under Pop single that Rough Trade issued. Nurse With Wound fans may like it too. © 2019.

RUPHUS - NEW BORN DAY (Karisma KAR162LPC: GF,IN,blue vinyl) LP £24.00 - Classic debut (© 1973) by this Norwegian progressive band, with male & female vocals, heavy & spacey parts, lots of keyboards, it's like a much more prog incarnation of the first Earth & Fire with a touch of Sandrose, Joy Unlimited, etc.

SANTANA - CARAVANSERAI (CBS S 65299: GF) LP ex/vg+ £5.00 - Santana's most esoteric but powerful album, with dual guitars overdose!

SBB - SBB (Muza 01902 9 59439 7 4) LP £18.00 - Legendary Polish progressive, their debut of lengthy instrumental freak-outs & bluesy songs, live in concert. © 1974.

SBB - NOWY HORYZONT (Muza SX 1206: blue labels) LP vg-ex+/vg+ £17.00 - (Muza SX 1206: red labels) LP vg-ex+/ex £16.00 - 2nd LP, recorded in 1975. Dazzling guitar mixes with space-rock & Mahavishnu Orchestra fusion.

#  GÜNTER SCHICKERT - UBERFALLIG (Bureau B BB 96: RE) LP £22.00 - Master echo-guitarist, a pioneer of the genre alongside Manuel Gottsching, but working in darker realms, with stranger moods in his art. A unique concoction! © 1979.

CONRAD SCHNITZLER - CON (Bureau B BB 350) LP £19.00 - Legendary 1978 album that introduced Conrad Schnitzler to the world! Produced by Peter Baumann at his Paragon studio.

CONRAD SCHNITZLER - PARACON (THE PARAGON SESSION OUTTAKES 1978-1979) (Bureau B BB355) LP £20.00 - Excellent previously unreleased sessions at Peter Baumann's studio in 1978-1979.

#  SENDELICA - CROMLECH CHRONICLES IV: THE DOOR INTO SUMMER (Regal Crabomophone winkle 37: GF) 2LP £16.00 - 3-sided double album on milky white vinyl I'm told. Excellent space-rock treks from Wales. © 2019.

SHIGGAJON - SELA (El Paraiso EPR026) LP £15.00 - Excellent Danish trippy drone/dirge rock with wandering violin, sounding somewhat like Pärson Sound meets Tony Conrad, & the stranger stuff on Archimedes Badkar II album. © 2015.

SILOAH - SILOAH (Garden of Delights LP 029: 2xBT) LP £20.00 - Aka "Saureadler" (1970 LP), obscure hippy Krautrock underground with hints of Amon Duul's "Paradieswarts Duul". 1000 copy numbered edition with 16-page LP-sized booklet. P&P = 7 units.

SILOAH - SUKRAM GURK (Garden of Delights LP 033: 1xBT) LP £20.00 - 2nd LP (1972), more hippy blues-rock than stoned DÜÜl-isms on this one, with hints of Ainigma, early Jane, Necronomicon, though pretty amateurish & untogether. Nice organ & good jamming trips. 1000 copy numbered edition with 4-page LP-sized booklet.

SKY MUSIC - A TRIBUTE TO TERJE RYPDAL VOL. 2 (Rune Grammofon RLP 2195) LP £19.00 - Project instigated by Henry Kaiser with an all-star cast of Scandinavian & American talent, presenting two bigger, more improvised Rypdal jazz-rock works on this one. Includes CD version.

SOFT MACHINE - DROP (Sireena SIR 4025: coloured vinyl,GF) LP £22.00 - Live during their German tour in autumn 1971. Rare line-up with Phil Howard on drums. © 2009.

SONDE - EN CONCERT (Music Gallery Editions MGE 14: IN) LP ex/ex £55.00 - Canadian electroacoustic ensemble, largely using their own instruments & sound sculptures. A collection of live recordings: Montreal (13/7/1977) & Toronto (14+17/1/1978).

SONGS OF NORWAY - DESPITE THE CLOAK (Beta-lactum ring mt058a) LP £20.00 - Volcano the Bear alter-ego project of Aaron Moore & Nick Mott = freeform abstractions, duets & trios, scuttle & writhe. This is one of a limited number that come with a bonus 7" EP (mt058b). P&P = 7 units!

STERN-COMBO MEISSEN - WEISSES GOLD (Amiga 8 55 636: blue labels) LP ex+/vg £13.00 - Classic DDR symphonic spacey progressive. 2nd album, © 1979.

#  SUPERFJORD - FOR THE MOMENT VOL. 1 (Strange Fish twenty four) LP £16.00 - Excellent space rock with a Krautrocky feel. Sealed copy, may be on black or coloured vinyl. © 2021.

TAMMLES - TAMMLES (Escalibur BUR 810) LP ex/ex+ £20.00 - Obscure 1980's Breton folk band, very varied & highly creative mix of trad & originals, bit Malicorne-like.

TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI - LAMBERTLAND (Svart SVR250: GF) LP+7" £26.00 - Finnish progressive fusion, from Jukka Tolonen, Pekka Poyry & co. Their 1972 classic. 50th anniversary edition on gold vinyl (LP only?) plus 7" single "Sisältäni portin löysin / Selvä näkijä". P&P = 7 units.

TECHNICAL SPACE COMPOSER'S CREW - CANAXIS 5 (Grönland LPGRON195) LP £18.00 - Holger Czukay & Rolf Dammers, pre-Can weirdness in Stockhausen vein. © 1969.

THIRD EAR BAND - ALCHEMY (Esoteric PECLECLP 2668: GF) LP £22.00 - Their revolutionary debut from 1969, intense & devilish raga-rock weirdos.

TORTILLA FLAT - SWF SESSION 1973 (Long Hair LHC214: GF) LP £18.00 - This is an extraordinary slice of underground Krautrock. It's a mostly instrumental album (approximately 35 minutes of it), with a couple of tracks featuring very strange songs with almost unintelligible (to these ears) German lyrics. P&P = 7 units.

TYLL - SEXPHONIE (Mental Experience MENT004: RM) LP £15.00 - Eccentric Krautrock underground with folky & psychedelic touches, sometimes close to Floh De Cologne & Eulenspygel. © 1975. Contains liner notes & Teflon Fonfara interview by Alan Freeman.

URBAN SAX - URBAN SAX 2 (Wah Wah Records LPS153: RM) LP £18.00 - 2nd album, Parts 3 & 4 of the "Urban Sax" opus. © 1978. Comes with a 24 page booket & DVD. P&P = 7 units.

URBAN SAX - SPIRAL (Wah Wah Records LPS155: RM) LP £18.00 - 4th album (© 1991), full sax lead orchestra with vocals, vibes, bass & organ. Another classic! Comes with 24 page booket & DVD featuring extracts from the "Inside" DVD. P&P = 7 units.

#  VANGELIS - EARTH (Vertigo 6499 693: RE) LP ex/ex £9.00 - Vangelis' rock album after Aphrodite's Child "666", again featuring Anargyros "Silver" Koulouris on guitar. © 1973.

VANGELIS - IGNACIO (Egg 900 531) LP ex/vg+ £6.00 - 1977 reissue of the bizarre & very varied film soundtrack to "Entends-tu Les Chiens Aboyer?" or "Can You Hear The Dogs Barking?" directed by Francois Reichenbach.

VANGELIS - CHARIOTS OF FIRE (Polydor POLS 1026) LP vg+-ex/vg £3.50 - 1982 version with "Accademy Award. Best Original Score 1981" on front cover.

VIDEO-AVENTURES - CAMERA (IN FOCUS)/CAMERA (AL RIPARO) (Spalax SPALAXLP14173) LP £10.00 - Dominique Grimaud & Monica Alba's madcap project, also featuring: Gilbert Artman, Jac Berrocal & other French eccentrics. © 1984.

LITO VITALE CUARTETO - LITO VITALE CUARTETO (Messidor 15994) LP ex/ex £8.00 - Curious neo-clasical & folk hybrids from MIO leader & band, with hints of Egberto Gismonti, fringe ECM territory, etc. © 1988.

VOLCANO THE BEAR - GOLDEN RHYTHM/INK MUSIC (Rune Grammofon RLP 3127) LP £15.00 - Their last album (includes recordings from 2006 & 2008). © 2012. With download voucher.

WITTHÜSER & WESTRUPP - BAUER PLATH (ZYX OHR 70035-1) LP £14.00 - 3rd album (© 1972), with Jurgen Dollase, Jerry Berkers, Harald Grosskopf, etc.

WITTHÜSER & WESTRUPP - DER JESUSPILZ - LIVE! (Sireena SIR 4045) LP £22.00 - Excellent concert document (circa 11/1971) from the Cosmic Buskers! © 2018.

WONDERLAND BAND - Nº 1 (Polydor 2371 125) LP m/vg £60.00 - Outrageous psych-progressive by Achim Reichel & Frank Dorstal circa 1970. Elements of The Mothers, early Jade Warrior, "Atom Heart Mother" period Pink Floyd & those unique Reichel songs.

YES - GOING FOR THE ONE (Atlantic K50379: triple-GF,IN) LP vg-ex+/ex £4.00 - 1977 album, with the return of Rick Wakeman. With very lavish triple fold-out cover.

THIERRY ZABOITZEFF - PROMETHEE (Cryonic INC 1154) LP ex+/ex+ £30.00 - Rare debut solo from Art Zoyd member. Weirder & darker than Art Zoyd of the same era, & electronic based.

FRANK ZAPPA - THE STRING QUARTET (Flashback 04.89.0104-33) LP m/ex+ £50.00 - Rare splatter vinyl bootleg (© 1989). The Mothers Of Invention feat. Wild Man Fischer live in Fullerton (8/11/68).

ZENERIK - YENESIS (Positive/Negative 001C) LP £21.00 - Extraordinary experimental fusion from Greece, remarkably with many Krauty elements, hints of Annexus Quam, Exmagma, Kollektiv, plus some nods to Embryo too. 250 numbered edition on 180g white vinyl. © 2015.


various artists...


PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE (Syn-Phonic SYNPHO 10: GF,IN) 2LP ex+/ex £13.00 - Compilation of US progressive bands, all original or rare material: ½ side each by: Lift, Happy The Man, Yezda Urfa, Netherworld, Djam Karet, Episode, Now, Kalaban. © 1990.


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