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html DVD-Rom 2020 edition

The Crack In The Cosmic Egg
ISBN 978-1-5272-6834-0

Encyclopedia of Krautrock, Kosmische Musik, & other progressive, experimental & electronic musics from Germany
by Steve Freeman & Alan Freeman.

1 x 1.6 GB html DVD-rom + a Digipak cover

Project completed & release imminent, probably 10 August 2020.

Krautrock Kraut Rock The Crack In The Cosmic Egg Kosmische German Progressive Rock Experimental Electronic Psychedelic Underground Audion Music Encyclopedia Amon Duul Can Kraftwerk Embryo Guru Guru Tangerine Dream Ash Ra Tempel Alan Steve Freeman Ultima Thule

Probably everything you needed to know about Krautrock, but were afraid to ask...

Rear cover notes: The rise of experimental music in (West) Germany since the 1960s is unrivalled, and its influence can be found in nearly all forms of modern music. This fertile scene, of which the core is commonly known as Krautrock, bridged psychedelia, new forms of fusion, ethnic/world-music, kosmische musik, electronic music, etc., and is full of surprises.
A veritable cornucopia of delights, almost every groundbreaking new form of music flourished in Germany, and it didn't stop with the 1970s.
In this new DVD-rom edition we explore the history and all the bands and artists that made this happen.
All completely revised, and with tons of new sections and features, itís an engrossing read.

groups/artists count

main section entries
The Krautrock Scene [635]
Other bands & soloists [136]
Austria [72]
Cuckoos & Scrambled Eggs [106]
DDR [83]
Switzerland [102]
Beat & Historical [87*]
Classical & Avant-Garde [71]
Folk, Traditional, Ethnic [101*]
Jazz & Fusions [333*]
Neo-Prog, 80s Rock [104*]
Metal [32*]
Neue Deutsche Welle [149*]
Retro, Neo-Psych, etc. [87*]
Sonic Art & Noise [82*]
Synth, New-Age, Instrumental [314*]

That's 2,494 main entries!

note: these are approximate counts from 6 months before completion. * totals omit duplicates from other sections

Basic rom statistics

pages: 11450 files (93396 KB) 91.2 MB
images: 31741 files (847925 KB) 828.05 MB
audio/video: 117 files (651520 KB) 636.25 MB
total: (1644551 KB) 1606 MB


Auricle label: 2:45:52 / 165:52
Bonus Audion 0-10 rom: 1:17:22 / 77:22
Cosmic Egg Label: 1:58:18 / 118:18
Interviews: 1:29:25 / 89:25
Music: 4:35:47 / 275:47
Video: 30:55
Late additions: 1:32:03 / 92:03
total: 14:09:42 / 849:42

Yes, that's a remarkable 14 hours worth of audio/video multimedia!

complete rom contents / artist list file

The "Music" folder contains all unique music not available with any other publication. The Auricle folder also contains rarities.

What's new/exclusive to this?
Introduction: rewritten and expanded, with lots of extra analysis, plus historical press clips, adverts, etc.
Krautrock 101-200: as voted by members of the Facebook Krautrock group.
Krautroock lists: including a singles listing, and Krautrock yearly lists.
Articles: most have been revised/expanded where possible, many with additional pages.
Discographies: are now all albums, singles, reissues, archives and reformations, as complete as is practically possible, with track and musician details as well, all through to 2020.
Music: a lot of extra music, some of it exclusive. See audio/video above for the basics.
Pictures: every possible/significant release version has an image. There are also large picture displays of all releases in the main section, plus reissues of interest and selected releases elsewhere. In fact, all images have also been revised and improved where possible.
Gig listings: all the main groups are included, now researched in-depth, with linked images, plus additional line-up info where known, new concert venues listings, and much in-depth coverage of festivals.
Press clipping and picture pages: everything we could find has been added, including some tour guides and other curios, and you'll find yet more posters and tickets in the gig listings, and loads of press clips and translated articles in the expanded Other Publications section.
Further afield: a vastly expanded look at similar music from around the world.
Audion magazine extras: reviews and articles from Audion added to all relevant artist/group pages, plus a bonus rom of Audion magazine issues 1-10.
Over a decade of extra research resulting in much more accurate histories, more complete discographies, more background on the Krautrock scene and the various people involved.
Plus: various other pages and extras.

History & growth...
The original 1996 book had 767 entries in the main section. It had concise (as short as possible) write-ups on bands/artist, and only basic discographies, with no track lists and only original non album singles. The main section also included releases from Austria, the DDR, Switzerland, some foreign bands and avant-garde artists.
The 2007 CD-Rom split-off all the stuff that wasn't exactly part of the Krautrock scene into satellite extra sections, resulting in a main section with 612 entries, of which were 137 new additions. New sections included: Austria, DDR, Switzerland, Cuckoos & Scrambled Eggs (foreign bands) and genres: Beat & Historical, Classical & Avant-Garde, Folk, Traditional, Ethnic, Jazz & Fusions, Neo-Prog & Metal, Neue Deutsche Welle, Retro, Neo-Psych, etc., Sonic Art & Noise, Synth, New-Age, Instrumental, resulting in an additional 1,400 entries!
The 2020 DVD-Rom split-off some other main section artists into the rebranded "Rejects & Misfits" section, now named "Other Bands & Soloists" further refining the main Krautrock scene, and added a further 67 new main section entries for a new definitive 636 bands and artists that defined Krautrock. Because of all the revision and refining of the publication, the accurate totals are not easy to ascertain, however, it is clear that the new rom includes 200 artist in its main section that weren't in the original book. A further 190 more new entries were added in the various satellite sections. There are also many extra sub-sections in various "more" sub-menus listing almost everyone else.
The new rom contains: 8,843 html pages, and 30,748 jpg images!


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A zipped download version can also be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

Please email utle2uk@btconnect.com if you require the zip version on a USB stick.

Currently being manufactured. Release imminent. Delivery probably 10 August 2020.

Free updates
Especially for those that install the rom on their computer hard-drive, we will occasionally publish updates that can be added to the rom. These will be things like: corrections, expanded write-ups, extra picture pages, revised gig listings, etc., otherwise only pages that can be simply be replaced or added. The updates will come with instructions of where to place the new pages. Already it is apparent that we need to revise the Tangerine Dream page and correct the Helmut & Rainer Cornelius Friz pages.
I will set-up a mailing list for those that want to be informed of updates, so email me to be added.

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Previous editions...

1997 book

2007 CD-Rom