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Walkabout (extract)



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duration: 43'52"

1. More Fact Than Figure  4'33"
A Way Of Life  4'45"
Tangerine Rabbit Jam  4'12"
Night Scenes  5'43"
Walkabout  24'29"

1-4: dates from two proto Djam Karet incarnations, when they went under the names Kafka's Breakfast and Happy Cancer. These 4 tracks originally appeared on a cassette as the A side of Happy Cancer's "McMusic For The McMasses" (HC001) from 1982. Recorded by Rick Cucuzza (1982)

Note: tracks 3 & 4 also appear on the LP & CD issues of "The Ritual Continues" as different mixes from the 8 track studio tapes.

Andy Frankel: drums, keyboards, vibes.
John Glass: electric guitar.
Mike Henderson: 6 & 12 string electric guitars.
Chuck Oken Jr.: drums, keyboards, acoustic 12-string guitar, voice.
Henry Osborne: bass guitar.

5: A live improvisational 8-track recording (no overdubs!) left over from "The Ritual Continues" sessions, circa early 1987. Mixed down in September 1988 by Rychard Cox and Djam Karet for this release.

Gayle Ellett: guitar.
Andy Frankel: African percussion.
Mike Henderson: 6 & 12 string guitars.
Chuck Oken Jr.: drums.
Henry Osborne: bass guitar.

Originally released on cassette by Auricle in the 1980s, this reissue has been remastered and tweaked for the best possible sound from the original master supplied by Chuck Oken in 1988. As the multi-track masters are lost and the master copy in Chuck’s possession had become faded and stretched, it was lucky that Auricle master was fine. It had been backed-up to digital (as with all Auricle tapes) back in 2009. The digital transfer and mastering was done by Auricle's Alan Freeman, and completed much later (in December 2016) with assistance and advice from Djam Karet's Gayle Ellett.

Original cassette review...
One of the finest of 1980s progressives, a Californian instrumental band who blend the best of Euro styles, with the psychedelic air of Quicksilver, Man, or the intensive fusion of Mahavishnu Orchestra. The resultant music will delight the guitar fan as well as the adventurous rock listener. "Kafka's Breakfast" is a reissue of their debut demo cassette, plus the bonus 24 minute space trip "Walkabout", a live recording that ventures on to and beyond the realms of classic Pink Floyd and Ash Ra Tempel. Gong and Ozric Tentacles fans may well delight at it too! Those that like this may also enjoy our releases by Moore/Myers or Tangle Edge.

reissue review...
Although quite “well-known” and revered by fans nowadays, at least in prog and psychedelic music circles, back in the mid 1980s such music was the most unfashionable and poo-pooed of all genres, admired by only the few that tried (dared) to keep such music alive. In the UK that was ourselves (via our fledgling “Euro Rock” distribution and Audion magazine) and Andy G. of Lotus Records. So, in spite of having “No Commercial Potential” Djam Karet blossomed, became “slightly famous” and have kept going on and off, more or less ever since, with a discography of 20 releases, plus sundry other archive specials and various artists appearances.

Cassette (various editions) - 150 copies approx - released 23/11/1988.
CD-R: 60 numbered copies - released 1/3/2017.
Bandcamp download - released 1/1/2019.

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