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Smash And Grab



CD-R Auricle AMCDR 159 deleted
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duration: 78'17"

1. Smash And Grab 10'54"
2. Polycrete (Fills All Major Cracks) 22'30"
3. The Hall Of Hands 6'13"
4. Switching Channels 24'40"
5. Unidentified Folding Oscillator 13'45"

from sessions...
CLVIII - recorded 14/07/04, mixed 30/5/05 [tracks 1,3,5]
CLIX - recorded 28/07/04, mixed ?/?/05 [tracks 2,4]
Recorded at Tachyon Studio on Jim's 4-track.
4-track to stereo mixdown by Jim.
Final remix/edit 20/7/09 by Alan.

Alan, Steve, Jim: electronics, instruments and effects.

Starting with a bizarre cascade of looped smashing/crashing sounds, and other stuff, things then calm down as we submerge in a surreal cosmic sludge, with flanged and mutated sounds, as a distant temple drum beats slowly... That's track 1, setting the stage for an unpredictable trek to Endgame pastures new! Take, for example "Polycrete" a big sound slab, musique-concrete with a difference. As it goes on it all becomes like a surrealistic dream, aptly pictured by Jim's weird cover art!

CD-R - released 3/2010.
Bandcamp download - released 18/9/2014.
Routenote distributed download - released 26/4/2019.

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