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Zero Gravity




CD-R Auricle AMCDR 160 deleted
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duration: 66'39"

1. Broken Symphony: prelude  2'29"
2. Substance And Effect: abstract phase  9'07"
3. Trigonomic Collision: fragment 1  2'20"
4. Compressed Nebula: submersion  5'38"
5. Broken Symphony: intermezzo  3'38"
6. Zero Gravity  10'40"
7. Trigonomic Collision: fragment 2  2'01"
8. Substance And Effect: majestic phase  3'22"
9. Broken Symphony: finalé  5'19"
10. Awaiting The Old Ones  14'09"
11. Trigonomic Collision: fragment 3  1'13"
12. Compressed Nebula: elevation  6'10"

Recorded direct to digital at Tachyon Studio 15/10/06.
Mix and compilation 16/10/06 & 8/07/07.

Alan: synths, guitar, loops, laptop samples, voice, etc.
Steve: loops, bass, synth, cymbal, radio, turntable, etc.
Jim: laptop samples and effects.

Elusive and finding a new footing after a year's hiatus, this has Jim adopting a new role using a laptop running sound samples through a spectral delay gizmo, and with Steve and Alan deliberately trying not to be in the Triax vein. There are flashes of the avant-classical here, moments of pure dissonance, melodic cosmos, spooky ambient, and the down-right scary!!! All sorts of inventions then in the album's potpourri of 12 tracks. Proof again that there is no typical Endgame. We invent, change - and move on.

CD-R - released 4/2010.
Bandcamp download - released 19/9/2014.

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