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Encounters, tracks 1-4



Auricle AMCDR 183 62'41" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. session 1a 1'21"
2. session 2a 5'21"
3. session 1j 1'07"
4. session 1g 4'36"
5. session 1i 3'03"
6. session 2c 2'18"
7. session 1e 5'25"
8. session 2d 3'15"
9. session 1h 5'45"
10. session 1k 3'35"
11. session 2e 3'33"
12. session 1l 1'57"
13. @ The Shed 20'05"

Compiled from two big jam sessions at Tachyon Studio, recorded direct to digital Sunday afternoon, 28 March 2010 by Alan Freeman.
Except 13 recorded live at The Shed, 30 August 2009 by Jim Tetlow.
Remastering, mix and editing 15-17 February 2012 by Alan Freeman.

Victoria Bourne: vocals
Endgame: instruments

Alan Freeman: guitar, electronics, spring-board, laptop, voice.
Steve Freeman: bass, electronics, loops, tapes, cymbal, voice.
Jim Tetlow: laptop with keyboard, djembe, toys, voice.

We'd hit it off so many times in various combinations at Quadelectronic that it was inevitable that we'd have to get it together and record an album. But, Victoria and her partner were moving to Berlin, well that was the plan, but they instead moved to Bristol, and with UT moving this release got postponed and the planned second session never happened. Yet, really, another session wasn't needed as there was plenty of excellent material for an LP length outing, and then there was the awesome live set we did at The Shed. So, immerse yourself in the weird world of Endgame fronted by the extraordinary voice of Victoria Bourne, a one-off event to savour!

First edition (quantity not specified) - released 19/3/2012.

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