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The Sanctum



MC Dark Star DSC16 deleted
available as...
Dark Star DSC16 CDR 5.00
bandcamp download

duration: 39'59"

The Dreaming City
1. a)
Approaching The City Gates 5'25"
2. b)
The Secret Tunnel 4'40"
3. c)
The Labyrinth 5'40"
4. d)
Obelisk 2'09"
5. e)
A Way Out? 2'23"

The Sanctum
6. a)
Mesmer 7'39"
7. b)
Vision 5'18"

8. Shafts Of Light 3'05"
Plasma 3'26"

Composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Alan Freeman at home.
Recorded October 1985-March 1986.
Mixed February-March 1986.
Cover art and layout by Alan Freeman.

XYLEM (Alan Freeman) uses the following equipment...
Moog Source (synth/sequencer), Moog Rogue (triggered by Source),
SIEL Orchestra *, Casio MT-68 *, Korg MS-20
* modulation via: Evans Echopet EP-50, Yamaha CS-5 (LFO & filter)

Original cover notes...

"Dark Corridors" is my second solo synthesizer tape, and is dedicated to the pioneering work of numerous German musicians in the early 1970's. I also work in the bands Alto Stratus & ZBB, both on Dark Star.



"Dark Corridors" was inspired by hours upon hours of getting lost in playing games on the Sinclair Spectrum, especially those by Gargoyle Games and Ultimate "Play The Game" - fascinating puzzle and labyrinth games, the likes of which seem to have disappeared since. With "Dark Corridors" I tried to emulate that spookiness and surreal atmosphere, although I did too much layering and filtering it seems, which resulted in quite a bit of tape hiss. I've tried to rectify that here, and get rid some crackle and a few glitches. Apart from that, this is true to the original tape with no actual remix.

After that almost everything computer game wise seemed to move shoot 'em ups and the likes, I lost interest. I've rarely ever played a computer game since!

Only a 5 minute extract from "The Deaming City" appears on the Xylem Auricle Archive CD (titled "The Secret Tunnel" but a different mix and not quite the same as what is featured here) whereas all the rest is previously undocumented on CD.

Original cassette: - released 1986.
CD-R - released 2010.
Bandcamp download - released 23/9/2014.

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