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Lamentable Putrility


Rancid Poultry
ZYXT [h5n1]

available as...
Auricle AMCDR 270 8.00 stock: last 6 copies 6/12/2020

duration: 63'14"

1. Wormloam 16'08"
mm mmmm m mm mmmm m 7'06"
3. 1'04"
Lamentable Putrility 11'07"
Cataleptic Converter 2'28"
S Hen Shun 6'50"
7. 0'08"
Suck Of A Gas 15'25"
Itchy Dead 2'57"

Recorded at Old Chapel Studios, Leeds, during 1998/9.
All totally improvised in glorious stereo onto 2 pzms and a Fostex.
Selection and rough edit by Cloughy to minidisc.
EQ'd/mixed/produced by Ash at Grey Box.
Engineered by Ash, mastered to CD.
Original artwork and text by Ash at 4Poster.
Typography and layout of this edition by Xylem.

Steve: keyboards, samples
Riz: guitars, microphones, and probably some keyboards
Cloughy: bass, samples, keyboards, microphones
Ash: drums, percussives, objects, and more keyboards?

On the cover it says "Right, and now chaps, it's definitely Poultry on our last trip. Ready? Yes!" - and it was - yet it was also never released. The artwork was set-up, the discs were duplicated, yet it sat, stored away and almost forgotten for 16 years. And, what a shame that would have been! Still powerful and patent on-the-edge Rancid Poultry, this is going to surprise many with its frazzled electric edge!

CD-R: 16 numbered copies - released 1/8/2017.

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ZYXT [h5n1]
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