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Pup parts 1- 4



CD-R Auricle AMCDR 272 8.00 deleted

duration: 40'22"

1-7: PUP 21'38"

Dangling Like Grapes
I Trod In A Neonate
No Rheum At The Inn
Twinklipoos Fluffikins
Edible Stench
The Grins Of Onan
The Laughing Gash

8-17: CUB 18'42"

The Hateful Excrement
Stoat On The Water
Goin' My Way

Clothearz are Riz and Mackeral who played: pianoforte, reed organ, Korg MS10, kazoo, bass, guitar, drum machine, violin, hand drum, electric fire, Sequential Six-Trak, vocals, orchestration, treatments, baccy packet.

Recorded during 1989. Mixed 29/30 August 1989.
MC (Poultry Productions PP12) 1989.

Titles on the insert have no correlation to the number of tracks.
PUP is 7 pieces, CUB is 10 pieces...
A: 1. 4:36 / 2. 2:02 / 3. 0:38 / 4. 3:46 / 5. 5:04 / 6. 3:32 / 7. 1:43
B: 1. 2:18 / 2. 2:11 / 3. 2:00 / 4. 0:59 / 5. 1:08 / 6. 3:09 / 7. 1:50 / 8. 1:08 / 9. 1:09 / 10. 2:26


Eclectic through and through, this is a type of concept album about the about the seedy and dirty world of dogs. It could well be analogous to something else, especially as there seems to be quite a bit of satire at work, and even the titles to the number of tracks makes no sense at all. But dog's can't count, can they?
Musically it's as diverse and creative as you'd expect from a Clothearz release with 17 segments, with many diversions never heard before, from Cluster to Nurse With Wound, via musique-concrete through to industrial, to?

CD-R: 20 numbered copies - released 1/8/2017.

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