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Septic Egg: a) Small
Smegmic Flap extract


Rancid Poultry

available as...
Auricle AMCDR 279 8.00 stock: last 12 copies 6/12/2020

duration: 57'16"

Septic Egg 26'30"
1. Small
2. Medium
3. Large
Smegmic Flap 11'21"
Runny Meat 19'21"

Recorded at Parkside Studio in Armleu, Leeds in 1992 or 1993.
Drawings: MRIC (1990)
Typography and layout of this edition by Xylem.

Steve: keyboards, etc.
Riz: guitars, etc.
Cloughy: bass, etc.
Ash: drums, etc.

Another lost album, Musicide seemingly only ever existed as a pre-release review tape of a few copies. I seem to recall that it was possibly going to come out as an Auricle cassette, but as cassette sales slowed in the 90s, it never happened. Stored ever since, the label came off side two of the tape and any titles (if there were any) had been lost - so new ones have been invented! A good job I safety digitised our copy, which has been used for this reissue.
Musicide is basically 3 big jam work-outs, Septic Egg has 3 clear sections, but also many jarring slices and bits of weird noise and bric-a-brac, and amounts to one of the biggest heavy tracks (suites) they ever recorded. The other tracks are yin and yang to each other, one brooding and kosmische, the other a garage-Zeuhl heavy riffer. All instumental too!

CD-R: 20 numbered copies - released 1/11/2017.

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