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duration: 74'46"

   Walk Of The Frozen Ones
1. Part I: An Ancient Conception (Kjell Oluf Johansen)  1'10"
2. Part II: Escaping The Hard Chamber (Tangle Edge)  6'05"
3. Part III: The Revocation (Tangle Edge)  3'19"
4. Part IV: Ensorcelled Departure (Tangle Edge/Svein Hugo Bergvik)  10'27"

5. Caesar's Integrated Flaw (Ronald Nygård)  7'49"
The Sun Of Tuesday (Tangle Edge)  8'26"
Sumerian King (Tangle Edge/Svein Hugo Bergvik)  9'50"
Transcription From An Unknown Decade's End (Tangle Edge)  8'35"
Solorgy (Ronald Nygård/Hasse Horrigmoe)  19'05"

Produced by Ronald Nygård & Hasse Horrigmoe.
All tracks are recorded live at Caffe Mediterraneo, Naples, Italy 12.09.91, except the bass solo on track 9, which is from Auditorium, Dro (Trento), Italy 14.09.91.
Recording engineer: Jan Inge Sommerseth.
Reissue coordinator: Alan Freeman.
From a new remaster supplied by Ronald & Hasse of Tangle Edge.
CDR  © 2004 / 2016

Ronald Nygård: electric guitar
Hasse Horrigmoe: bass guitar
Kjell Oluf Johansen: drums & percussion


"Tangle Edge are a rare phenomena in contemporary rock music, an instrumental band with superb musical ability, capturing the spirit of the psychedelic era in a highly progressive blend of musics."

"a type of music that's all too rare these days, a fusion of all sorts of ethnic musics: European (Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Balkan), Eastern and Oriental, in a kind of rock music that covers the psychedelic and cosmic sounds through to heavy jazz ...Krautrock... and also lots of guitar"

is from two Italian gigs in 1991 and is closer to the sound of that Sheffield gig. This opens with EULOGY's monumental Walk Of The Frozen Ones, full of its subtle Mahavishnu meets Amon Düül II touches and a subtle ethnic spice. Caesar's Integrated Flaw, originally heard on their debut album IN SEARCH OF THE NEW DAWN is here fleshed out a little more, adding yet more of that Arabian flavour. Tracks in common with the previous disc follow: The Sun Of Tuesday, Sumerian King, Transcription... all more lively and precise here, reminding me more of Man really. Finally this disc ends with the almost heart-stopping tension of Solorgy strung out for a massive 19 minutes. (Audion #52 from 2006)

So, most welcome reissues (and thanks to Pietro for pointing out that these had become rare and unobtainable) now with improved sound and better quality duplication, of the high quality you expect from Auricle!

Original issue: CDR (Tangle Edge Productions TEP 2) Norway © 2004.
CD-R: 20 numbered copies - released 24/10/2016.
CD-R second edition: 20 numbered copies (21-40) - released 10/2017.
Bandcamp download - released 3/1/2019.

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