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All Those Special Effects

Hidden Planet



available as...
Auricle AMCDR 315/6 11.00
bandcamp download

duration: 107'03"

disc 1...
All Those Special Effects 23'03"
. Clockwork Heart 20'24"

disc 2...
Hidden Planet 26'45"
. Xerox Serum 2 36'46"

Recorded direct to a Fostex FD-4 digital recorder at Tachyon Studio,
Leicester on the 3rd of July 2022.
Transfer, plus mix/edit/repair work at Tachyon Studio
on the 27th of February 2023.
Engineer: Alan Freeman.
Cover art created using free online AI art generators.
Artwork manipulation, design/layout and photography by Alan Freeman.

Alan Freeman: laptop (MiniMogue, SoundForge, Virtual Sampler), Roland SH-32, Moog Rogue & Siel Orchestra 2 synthesizers, guitar & Roland GR-33 guitar synthesizer, voice, breathing, springboard, bells.
Steve Freeman: Octave Cat synthesizer, portastudio, CD loops, bass, turntable, acoustic CD, voice, breathing.
Dave Powell: hurdy gurdy, flute, effects, B9 organ machine, claypot shaker,
drums, bells.

This is one of those sessions that pretty much ended up as the album. There were only a few glitches, a bit of feedback and some minor bits that needed repair, so after a little bit of balancing and shaping that was it, nothing more needed to be done.
After such a long break due to the pandemic and lockdowns, we were all in a most creative mood, and for July it wasn't too hot either, they music just flowed out of us as if by magic. Great when that happens, and also great when it's this good. This time round the titles have no special meaning, but were just made up on the spot.

CD-R first edition: 12 numbered copies - released 11/3/2023.
Bandcamp download - released 11/3/2023.

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